Educating the MBA Beyond Ethics, to Business Spirituality?

13 03 2009

Ayn Rand is no doubt turning over in her grave! But my dad, the business management and ethics professor for 30+ years at a major university, isn’t. In the Chronicle of Higher Education online, if you can open it without subscribing, see M.B.A. Students Learn to Connect With Something Bigger Than the Bottom Line:

The course, “Spirituality and Business Leadership,” is offered at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business to both M.B.A. students and executives, some of whom travel from around the country to audit it. The seminar focuses on the spiritual lives of business leaders and the impact they have on organizations. It’s a subject that not only intrigues the students, but also shapes their perspective on the economic downturn.

For years, Mr. Delbecq, a professor of management, met people through his consulting work who would ask if he ever dealt with the inner lives of leaders. He told them the business school offered a class on ethics, but they were looking for something more. Mr. Delbecq, who says he didn’t even know what the word “spirituality” really meant, used a sabbatical to design the course. He started teaching it in 2000.

The course explores business leadership as a calling, a kind of work that does not require the leader to ignore the spiritual side of life. It examines how leaders fall from grace when they give in to hubris and greed, and Read the rest of this entry »