Latest Homeschool Freakout from World Net Daily

14 03 2009

Doc is right. This is the latest homeschool freakout over parent rights and freedom to homeschool. It came to my local (primarily conservative Christian) discussion list this week, straight from World Net Daily. Here’s how it was posed, in italics, with JJ’s responses:

Before there is an emotional reaction to my posting something from WorldNetDaily, I am doing this for a purpose. Please read the entire article, focusing specifically on what is said about Germany, since this came up in recent postings. And then correlate to a judge in NC deciding he knows better than the mother, even though there is evidence to point to the fact that the children are flourishing. Now there may be more to this…if anyone can find out that would be great.

My question, especially to secular based homeschoolers, would it be worth it to you to homeschool in a place like Germany even facing this kind of opposition? If we have judges in FL that suddenly start deciding they know best, will you take it without opposition? What do you think about this?

Really interesting article, thanks for sharing. I did read the whole thing and think about the various policy and personal issues presented.

What I notice in comparing these NC, CA and German court cases, is that they all are mainly religious disputes, not education freedom cases. And there are concerns about the children’s (and society’s) actual care and safety and welfare. Education goals and methods like test scores or subject matter mastery, aren’t the central point.

The German cases especially are not about education, but religion:
“Wolfgang Drautz, consul general for the Federal Republic of Germany, has commented previously on the issue, contending the government ‘has a legitimate interest in countering the rise of parallel societies that are based on religion.’ ”

I recall a case in NC or some southeastern state, that was more directly about education (of the mom, not the kids!) where the judge ordered a mother to learn to speak English, claiming it would be in the best interests of her children, who otherwise would be disadvantaged in having a caretaker who couldn’t fully engage in their community and help them grow up American. There was interest group outrage but from liberal individual rights types, who objected to the judge overstepping against the mom, not from conservative parental rights defenders — who tend to CHEER courts requiring English of immigrants, even moms not subject to compulsory attendance, and even though it clearly interferes with the mom’s autonomy.

JJ, how do you feel personally about this ruling? We have had a couple of local cases I am aware of, regarding divorces and custody, etc. and the fathers both won in these cases. There was no religious factor involved. The fathers winning meant the kids had to be admitted into public school, in spite of all the evidence showing the kdis were doing well otherwise with their homeschooling.

Tough question! How do I feel about such cases? Mainly that by the time a divorce and custody case is in court, there are no winners. Never the children, for sure. Everybody loses and Read the rest of this entry »