Snook’s St. Patrick’s Day Roots and Shoots

17 03 2009

I’ve been noticing all week how suddenly green everything got here, but it didn’t occur to me until this morning that it must be in honor of St. Paddy’s Day. If it’s not greening yet where you live, go play in the clover of today’s Google graphic when you can, it’s fresh as an Irish Spring.

I just learned something new for this St. Paddy’s Day, that the Gaelic phrase “uisce beatha” (water of life – pronounced ishka baha) of course means — whiskey!

So — did you realize St. Patrick himself was born in Scotland, not Ireland? In Dunbartonshire, 387 A.D. if my sources don’t lie.

My kids then have authentic Celtic roots, must be one-quarter Irish and Scot blood total I suppose, all from their dad’s immigrant grandparents. I am garden variety AngloSaxon but that’s no help on March 17, so the rest of the family lends me their bona fides, adopts me as part of the clan. 🙂

Here are two St. Patrick’s Day education retreads (or it would sound better if I called them classics) from Snook:

Party Report: Education Was All They Wanted to Talk About!

Passing me one to another like speed dating, these party guests in green consecutively kept me so wrapped up that I never even got to the kitchen, where it’s rumored the homemade shepherd’s pie and corned beef & cabbage were not to be missed. . .

St. Patrick’s Day Fun as Unsaintly Unschoolers:

Do you know the word “ceilidh” btw? Suddenly I’m learning stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know! It’s pronounced kaee-lee — sort of, I think — and it’s the same sort of folk-community dance that I remember from my own heritage-steeped summers as a girl in Highlands, GA, clogging and square-dancing at the Dillard House.




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17 03 2009

I sure hope we get green soon — instead, it’s the fourth grey day in a row!

17 03 2009

Something that caught my eye and tickled my funny bone in the Miami Herald news email update just now:

“[If] you don’t feel like playing beer pong up at the gay skate party, [h]ere is a longer, more detailed list of places you can go to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

Guess big cities really are a breed apart . . .

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