University Orientation is Monday, Unbelievable

17 03 2009

. . .well, hard to believe anyway.

Flame-haired, radically unschooled Favorite Daughter all grown up and clad in casual collegiate garnet and gold, still technically 18, signed up to spend all day Monday on campus in mandatory orientation and registering to start classes in May as a straight-A junior accepted into her upper division major, creative writing, and her minor, religion.

FavD was born playing with words and ideas so the major is no surprise. See her blog. 🙂 And see the calibre of faculty member she’s positively vibrating like a tuning fork to study (worship words?) with, thrilled to have already encountered as a guest lecturer in community college English, and can’t wait to get all to herself in some writing seminars:

Poet Barbara Hamby makes words tango.. .makes icons tipsy, forgoes introductions, and forces perfect strangers out onto the dance floor in each other’s arms: Nietzsche couples with Lois Lane, Ulysses embraces Freud. Of course, they are all sure to regret their imprudence come morning, but as the book’s title suggests, morning is still a long way off and the music raucous fun.

All-Night Lingo Tango (University of Pittsburgh Press: 2009) is Barbara Hamby’s fourth book of poetry. The Alphabet of Desire was identified by the New York Public Library as one of the year’s 25 best books, and Babel won the AWP Donald Hall Prize. Winner of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, Hamby is writer-in-residence in the English Department at FSU.

So I grok (an oldie but goodie creative writing word, see Stranger in a Strange Land in case fiction and religion are not your chosen fields) how we got here, I see exactly what seduced Favorite Daughter into FSU’s rarefied writing program with such power of story it’s shaping who she is and means to become, ever more intensely.

In 2006, The Atlantic Monthly ranked the top ten MFA programs and the top five PhD programs in the country. Only one program made both of those lists: Florida State University. The Creative Writing Program is now affiliated with FSU’s top-ranked schools of Film and Theatre. Our faculty includes winners of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, as well as professors who are not only dedicated to the craft of writing but who are also widely known as teachers of the craft.

No program in the world has been included more often in Harcourt’s Best New American Voices. Recent graduates have published books with Hyperion, Norton, Viking, MacAdam/Cage, Penguin, Henry Holt, Simon & Schuster, Copper Canyon, Houghton Mifflin, and several university presses. Our students have published in The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, The Southern Review, Harper’s, Ploughshares, and many other distinguished magazines, as well as read on NPR’s This American Life. Our students of poetry have gone on to capture major national poetry prizes resulting in book publication. . .

But I’m not sure which part of the rest is the hardest to wrap my mind around — the tender age at which she’s already more than halfway through her bachelor’s degree, or maybe that never-in-a-million-years minor, a strange calling for a happy young atheist.

No, no, that’s not it. Might as well face it. All in all, for her Gator mom — it’s the damn garnet and gold!! 😉

(Where did I go wrong, Albert KNOWS I tried. . .)




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17 03 2009

Letting her attend FSU may be the most “unschoolish” thing you’ve ever done 🙂 If either of my kids wants to attend IU they’ll be doing it on their own dime!

17 03 2009

Thanks, I needed somebody to appreciate me for this!

17 03 2009
Not June Cleaver

LOL!! I totally understand. I didn’t even go to Florida, but I manage to have sympathy-hate for FSU. It would be like one of my kid being a Wahoo. Ick.

Luckily you only have to love the daughter, not the school. 🙂

17 03 2009

How ignorant will you think I am, if I ask what’s a Wahoo?

18 03 2009
Nance Confer

You did your best, JJ.

Perhaps it is part of her atheist/religious studies? Finding out that Mom’s religion is just another strange belief system. . .

Sorry. . .

Backing out of the room now. 🙂


18 03 2009

Nance could be onto something. Seduction by the Dark Side . . .

18 03 2009
Not June Cleaver

I went to Virginia Tech. We are Hokies. University of Virginia are Wahoos.

Since my husband and MANY of my friends went to University of Florida, I am a fan by association.

18 03 2009

Oh I knew the last part and already considered you a sister in orange and blue. (Sorry I didn’t reciprocate appropriately about the hated Wahoos! A pox on their locker room and all their game plans . . .)

18 03 2009

Wait – what about the Cavaliers, so who are THEY??

19 03 2009

Cavalier is the sports mascot, Wahoo is the University mascot I believe.

27 03 2009

Orientation went great; FavD had already figured most everything out from the websites etc. Things have changed a LOT since I was in college in the 70s at a major state university. Just so you parents with teens who haven’t gotten there yet will realize. . .

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