Favorite Daughter Blogs Again, Almost in French!

20 03 2009

. . .if the Grand Tour of Europe is still part of a well-rounded education, even if you get it mostly from PBS? 🙂

“I watched PBS a lot as a kid”:
This sullen, excessively bearded man is my companion, Francois. He will accompany me in restaurant scenes throughout the videocassette. Francois does not respond to any of my questions in French, English, or Franglais, so I can only assume that he is a feral man-bear.

. . .Sometimes, as a way to earn money, starving children will dance or sing or play instruments or rap or rob people on LE METRO. If you bring a camera crew along, the other passengers will clap and pretend to tip them. And that’s the magic and hospitality of the French people.

But we certainly can’t spend the whole day underground! We’d miss one of my other favorite activities – standing on rooftops and scanning the skyline for attractions I will never actually visit.

As you know, FavD is spending a month backpacking in Europe this summer for real, mainly among the French-speaking parts (France and Belgium) so we’ll see what she has to say about the “virtual” version compared to the authentic I-was-there FavD version, on her return. I can’t wait — should be quite an authentic education for ME! 🙂

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20 03 2009

hope she has a great and safe time

20 03 2009

Part of her post refers to Rick Steves and legalizing marijuana which is drawn literally from the news. But she also seems to have a composite travel host going (creative license!) that draws from an older, furrier, more lugubrious and hilariously rooftop-enamoured video tour guide we watched the other night.

Or maybe it’s Francois the cameraman who is rooftop-enamoured, and Rick Steves just makes the best of it? 🙂

20 03 2009

Thanks Davis — safe is in my top two also! 🙂

20 03 2009
Nance Confer

You are a brave woman, JJ. 🙂


20 03 2009

Well, you know the definition of bravery — being really scared and doing it anyway. It doesn’t count as bravery if you aren’t scared!

30 03 2009

FavD and I saw a good “power of story” subtitled French-language film last night using cable on-demand, called Paris Je T’aime. It was several unrelated short stories about human relationships with two or three characters each, each with its own feel but all taking place in some part of Paris. All pithy, some funny, some so sad, one was actually a vampire spoof!

Really quality storytelling in any language. . .I would second one of the comments at IMDB:
“Light-footed mix of styles with some great moments, and some even greater names. “

30 04 2009

Mark Twain:
“In Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French; I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their language. “

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