NPR’s “Science Friday” Live from FSU This Afternoon

20 03 2009

We tried to go, thinking it would be fun to be part of a national broadcast and see Ira Flatow in person, but couldn’t get in. So Young Son and I heard the whole two hours on radio. (When I heard the audience reaction as one of the naturalists released his snake on Ira’s desk, I was pretty glad to be home!)

“I’ve been upstaged many times,” Flatow said, “but never by a snake.”

. . .Talking prior to his show, he said science is far more popular than many people realize.

“We regularly draw huge crowds,” he said. “You might not think so, but people love to talk about science.”

The second hour featured renowned physics professor and author Lisa Randall, who is speaking at her own event tonight. No broadcast that we know of. Favorite Daughter and her Europe trip buddy just took off to be there two hours early, hoping that will be enough. . .E.O.Wilson speaks Monday evening.

So here’s a trivia question from this afternoon, that Young Son likes. What is the name of the man who deserved co-credit with Charles Darwin – and largely got it during his lifetime but is unknown now — for figuring out how species change? The answer is in this link from the Linnean Society of London.

For EXTRA CREDIT for Thinking Parents who like quiz questions — and there’s a snake in it, too [shudder]. 🙂




One response

21 03 2009

Hey, FavD went to the lecture last night and all I got was this autographed book! (and a great story about the crowds and the fire marshalls and some “fat old man” as she put it, who freaked out at the long wait and had to be arrested before the event could start.)

The book is bright orange, Lisa Randall’s “Warped Passages: Unraveling the mysteries of the universe’s hidden dimensions” and while FavD is no scientist and said much of it was hopelessly over her head, she ate it all up, said it was fabulous. Of course she wanted to go, no one coerced her or paid her, or will test or grade her.

I wonder whether she’d have gone at all, much less thrilled to the whole experience and gotten so much out of it, if she’d been turned off to schoolish science as a kid, by attempted indoctrination with either lies OR truths that she wasn’t seeking for herself?

C’mon, that was rhetorical, we all know the answer to that, you can say it with me. . . 🙂

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