Living in a Material World? If You’re Smart

4 04 2009

After years of independent research — no corporate, charity, think tank or government sponsorship of any kind! — my own education and education policy experience has borne a new kind of fruit (perhaps one CAN cross apples and oranges?)

I hereby propose an elegantly simple instrument to assess what we might call human reality intelligence. One question, one yes-no, true-false binary response.

Call it JJ’s Intelligent Belief Quotient (IBQ) Test — that’s all you “really” need to cut through the Shakespearian sound and fury signifying nothing, to determine whether you, or anyone you know or might consider voting for, really are intelligent enough to be a fully functioning human in this world (the next world is a topic for some other day.)

Here, try it for yourself and I’ll show you: Read the rest of this entry »