Living in a Material World? If You’re Smart

4 04 2009

After years of independent research — no corporate, charity, think tank or government sponsorship of any kind! — my own education and education policy experience has borne a new kind of fruit (perhaps one CAN cross apples and oranges?)

I hereby propose an elegantly simple instrument to assess what we might call human reality intelligence. One question, one yes-no, true-false binary response.

Call it JJ’s Intelligent Belief Quotient (IBQ) Test — that’s all you “really” need to cut through the Shakespearian sound and fury signifying nothing, to determine whether you, or anyone you know or might consider voting for, really are intelligent enough to be a fully functioning human in this world (the next world is a topic for some other day.)

Here, try it for yourself and I’ll show you:

Does human reality exist in this material world?
Please use a number 2 keyboard to mark your answer.
Yes or no.

For reference, here’s one example each of what my new test might measure as NO intelligence, then YES intelligence.

And just because these both are men, I further refer you to Betty and me in this conversation, sharing both our Methodist community background yet also a happy, hopeful YES human intelligence.

Perhaps it must be candidly admitted that the country has begun an irreversible process of inevitable decay. . . . the new order professes humanitarian principles while at the same time refusing to tolerate any true individuality or dissent from materialist ideals.

Catch that reference to “materialist” ideals? Classic Discovery Institute dominionism based on denying reality. Winning those “Intelligent Design” arguments isn’t their real real-world goal; that’s just one handy tool helping to lay the bedrock for their anti-materialism doctrine, the one with which they plan to topple the real, real-world governments. Once they can get enough faithful to brainlessly choose that rather than thinking through the Supernaturalistic Sandbox it would reduce real humanity to, they are Large and In Charge, and there will be no more Human Intelligence, well, except the virulent con-job version they are self-servingly teaching as truth. (You gotta admit, it’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy — if they can pull it off, it retroactively proves itself to have been true!)

But first they will have to extinguish real human intelligence such as this:

All of the groups have different strengths, and all are struggling with One Big Problem: creating a genuine sense of community.

I’ve written before about community and the difficulty freethought groups generally have creating it. Some get closer than others, but it always seems to fall a bit short of the sense of community that churches so often create. And I don’t think it has a thing to do with God.



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5 04 2009
Nance Confer

I’ll just post this here. If you see a place it fits better, JJ, feel free to move it.

It is Marion Brady’s latest attempt to communicate his message about how much better we could be doing with our schools — looking at systems versus the push for “rigor” through more testing.


5 04 2009

It belongs here, definitely! A lot of other places too, let’s keep it handy. All that human network theory we’ve been working on since the NHEN forums? All the great edge dot org thinking? This fits right in.

A few other, ahem, systemic connections at least in my mind:

We Need an Outrage Scale for Viewing the View

No matter where we got our education or how we decide to educate our children, what distinguishes real education from training, schooling, standardizing or just shooting off one’s mouth in perhaps correctly formed yet outrageous-in-function utterance, is learning to think critically about important human questions, in ways a computer can’t. . .

Phony and Foolish Political Psychology for Thinking Parents

Every Thinking Parent Should Read This

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