Why Germany and Homeschooling Don’t Mix

5 04 2009

If you’ve been following the HSLDA-World Net Daily campaign against the German view of homeschooling as socially dangerous deviation from the public interest, you might want to read this for context:

The Lines a German Won’t Cross

. . .In most daily interactions, the Germans do not need anyone to enforce their rules. They follow them — and remind one another to follow them through impromptu lectures that are often heated — because they are raised to know that is what they are supposed to do.

What the Germans call Ordnung . . . is the unwritten road map of one society’s concerted effort to permanently banish the instability and violence that have marked its history.

. . .For self-reliant Americans, the German devotion to all manner of precise rules and regulations is impressive and stifling in equal measures.

So I can easily see why Germany and home education don’t mix. What I don’t understand so easily, is why the same conservative politics so angry about enforced norms and government rules in Germany, want more duty and rules and uniforms and law enforcement here in America.

Gun-toting conservative white women for example, who think of themselves as homeschooling and tea party redux rebels, constitutional freedom fighters in a persecuted minority AND as conservers of one nation under only one tradition, a culture of hierarchy, standards, definitions, rules and obedience to authority, crime and punishment, child-beating — even torture if the official rules can somehow stretch to justify it.

Take one of the “fightin’ mad white women” I mentioned in that earlier post, who poses with a handgun for her blog’s homepage and has decided to model nude for meat-eating against PETA. [ed. note — the latter was an April Fool’s joke according to comments below]

Suddenly she sounds more like obedient German rule-followers and social norm enforcers, as she mocks the experimental movement of “consensual living” as dangerous social deviance. [ed. note — NOT an April Fool’s joke] Her world view is that children must shut up and obey blindly in all matters, or else be punished repeatedly to show ’em Read the rest of this entry »