Easter Classics: Hot Cross Buns, Edible Legos, Charlie Crist’s Egg Roll

8 04 2009

And “juicy-fruit holiday slobbers”. 😉
Happy Easter, happy edible education ideas . . .

“Powerful Aroma of Home and History In Hot Cross Buns”


“Teaching What’s ‘Very Important’ About Easter Holiday”

“I think it’s a great experience for them,” Crist said as he surveyed the children scurrying around the lawn or sipping orange juice in the shade of the mansion porch. “I hope some of them are actually old enough to remember it. We’ve got a bunny rabbit here for them and Easter eggs all over the yard. It’s just a very important holiday and an opportunity to share with others.”

“Loving Legos, Stuffed with Story for Holidays”

Liza gave us little plastic bricks rather than edible eggs and peeps for Easter, but now the Pastafarians present (entirely in Legos) the amazing Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Thus edible faith has now been rendered in the true building blocks of the universe, Legos, which although not edible, do multiply miraculously like the symbolic foods of the faithful — Legos are limitless fishes and loaves in every room of OUR house, how about yours?”

and then it meanders through various morsels of meaning and palate “clarifiers” toward school reform as the out-of-season dessert most of us stay too stuffed with story to appreciate in any season:

“If I had a pomegranate for every time I’ve heard scornful schoolfolk and other literalists use “no, no, that’s comparing apples to oranges” as a new story or idea slap-down, I’d have . . . hmm . . . a veritable orchard of juicy ideas? . . .

“The Pasta God, Blind Faith in School and Juicy-Fruit Holiday Slobbers”

And last Easter, Snook offered this one short post, “Humanist Unschooling for Easter Weekend”:

We’d better start talking and keep talking, figure why our whole system of belief-driven secular policy is irrational (Jeremiah Wright is just the latest example, not the worst — Terri Schiavo might’ve been the worst) and then start DOING something about it, or else the inescapable rational conclusion will be that we as a people are in fact, downright irrational even about what matters most.

Otherwise we may be left holding nothing but Easter ham (or ham-handed Christianity) to call Education, each spring or any other time of year.



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