Easter, Passover, Presidential Politics

9 04 2009

Okay, how is it possible I was an American history minor in college and I never knew this??

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was full of religious symbolism.

Did you realize what day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on — not the numeric date itself, but the significance of the day?

It was both Good Friday and Passover, which meant that Easter Sunday the lilies were painted black and for the first time in America, reportedly, the Jewish Prayer of Mourning was said for a non-Jew. Doesn’t that seem like the kind of thing someone would have been teaching in a fine southern university’s history department such as UF?

Or maybe I just cut class that day and never knew what I missed. 🙂

My beloved history professor was Jewish too, come to think of it, Samuel Proctor. (I had come up through the local public schools with his son Alan; I remember hearing about his bar mitzvah.)

Anyway, tomorrow again is both Good Friday and Passover in this bicenntennial year of Lincoln’s birth — yes, my pattern-making mind gives me goosebumps at the thought — and Sam Waterston (my Mindwalk and Unity ’08 champion) will embody the historical Lincoln on PBS, nine p.m. I heard on MSNBC just now that the program ends with Barack Obama as a fitting revival of Lincoln’s true spirit.