Young Son’s Kilts Arrived Today

10 04 2009

(Photo credit FavD and her cell phone)

This is the very American, very comfy for hot weather, very Young Son version. It matches his LOTR/Ranger’s Apprentice hooded olive drab cloak, not pictured and that’s probably a good thing, lol. But the black leather belt that IS pictured is new today straight from Scotland, arrived with the handmade, eight yards of Ross tartan wool, military-pleated pipe band dress kilt. The silver Ross clan buckle is authentic, and you should see all the other traditional and completely authentic elements. A couple that I haven’t learned to spell yet! So more photos to come, I promise.

As I think I posted before, he’s been invited by his pipemaster John McIlroy to play in public with the McIlroys at the Tallahassee Celtic Games next month. So he’s gotta look good! 🙂

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UPDATE June 2010 – another kilt but the sun is brutal, see if you can get enough of a look at it being worn the first day it arrived: