Tea Party Just Showed Up on Homeschool List

13 04 2009

MSNBC video with Lawrence O’Donnell (of West Wing writing fame) who has “very well thought out points about how this ‘teabagging’ movement is, at its core, ridiculously incoherent in its politics.”


Join the Rally in Tally, Taxpayer Tax Day Tea Party, April 15
at Florida’s Historic Capitol, Tallahassee.  We will begin serving tea at
4:30 p.m. Bring your signs, friends & family.
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The Giant Spider and the Blue-Tailed Skink

13 04 2009

Things I have boldly vanquished in the past 24 hours . . .or shall we say at least survived, along with some nasty weather (tornado warnings traveling with biblical floods and hail.)

We all have our dragons to slay. 😀


Why JJ Is Still on Verge of Being a Liberal Democrat

13 04 2009

Last week I wrote how unionized labor, especially teacher unions, kept me from it. But — like CS Lewis converting to Christianity as a middle-aged adult? — I can feel it drawing me righteously in nevertheless. . .

Read it and weep.

I am often told there is a shocking quality to our story–it prompts a realization that if this could happen to someone like me, it could happen to anyone. But of course there is little that ought to surprise us; political connections are bound to be of little avail in the face of a problem politics has refused to address.

If there is an upside to the country’s healthcare crisis, it is that the problem is hurtling toward a point at which it absolutely cannot be ignored without immediate and disastrous consequences. If there is an upside for me, it is this: returning to those difficult days of poverty and fear in 1969 also means returning to a place where anger inspires activism.

I was a young woman then, of course, with a lifetime of battles ahead. I am not so young now. But I have enough years left to have one more fight in me.

Healthcare is it.