War War War, Fiddle-dee-dee

14 04 2009

War war war, fiddle-dee-dee!

Is this the only power of story conservatives get, war?
All they can talk about, the only way they can make a case for their “freedom” values and respect for “life”? WMD as WWJD?

Not just fighting with each other over literal fights in the Middle East, which you’d think would be plenty of real war and then some. But no-oo-o. We also have to re-fight themes of:

The American Civil War (States Rights over human rights; Katrina-exposed incompetence and callous disregard; Palin-inspired white supremacist pandering)

World War II followed by the Cold War (race purity and xenophobic/homophobic hunker-down demagoguery; Obama is Hitler incarnate, fascist, communist, socialist alien, seeking world government under which America would be enslaved)

and WTF, even ancient biblical wars up through
The Crusades, and forward into Revelations? (Obama cast either as claiming to be the Messiah or hiding his true identity as the anti-Christ — when Hannity plays opposite as King Herod and Pontius Pilate in a dual role, can the President play both Christ and anti-Christ at the same time? )

So now the hot ticket is the American Revolution and tea party tax revolt media-sponsored “news” events, in which not-taxed tea WITH representation, is either drunk or dumped or both, to protest not-taxed income not applying to the protesters, to gin up big money for corporate lobbyists and media moguls that may indeed be taxed, but that they certainly are NOT throwing in the bay? Big surprise . . .

It occurs to me based on all this incoherence if not insanity, that universal public education was the right war. We need to win it at all costs, hope it’s not too late.




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16 04 2009

Wrote this before I saw that Gov. Sarah Palin literally wants WAR over law in Alaska! 😉

The governor recently nominated Wayne Anthony Ross, a board member of the National Rifle Association, to be Alaska’s attorney general. . . Years ago, he described gay men and lesbians as “degenerates.”

As a private lawyer, Mr. Ross said, he lived his initials. “My license plate says, ‘WAR,’ ” Mr. Ross said in an interview after a recent confirmation hearing. “And my wife’s license plate says, ‘MRS WAR.’ ”

16 04 2009

Definitely no relation btw, for any strangers wandering in —

16 04 2009

This column top to bottom is in sync with my view of all this war talk, which parts are laughable and which parts seriously dangerous:

The history of secession in the US is not a pretty one.
. . .The issues dividing Republicans and Democrats today are relatively mild, mainstream partisan issues, obviously not at all comparable to those which divided our country on the eve of the Civil War.

. . .That is why these threats and rhetoric are so concerning. Nobody really threatens secession over a mild increase in the tax rate or over a spending plan. Nobody really calls for revolution because the government is trying to spend too much on infrastructure.

Why then are Republicans willing to talk about revolution, secession and other ideas that would destabilize our country and our democracy?

One hopes that most of this can be simply chalked up to a party that is weak, defeated, directionless and out of ideas, but it may not be that simple. Perhaps the demonstrators and, more significantly their leaders, feel that for some existential, and undoubtedly irrational, reason the Obama presidency is a profound threat to their worldview, values and vision of the US.

Remember some of us saw Sarah Palin was connected to secession sympathies in Alaska way back before there was an Obama administration to secede from; Rick Perry’s secession two-step in Texas has a bloody (anti-life) history predating whatever the tea parties supposedly just got hot and bothered about in the past 100 days.

So none of this can be justified as a patriot’s defensive response to the Oppression of Obama, at least not by anyone with ordinary intelligence and the inclination to use it in service of something other than The Dark Side of the Force.

16 04 2009

As the President announces his efforts “to transform travel in America with a historic investment in high-speed rail” and join the 21st century — I’m thinking it shouldn’t run anywhere that doesn’t want to be part of the United States of America under the federal authority of our Constitution. Much less anywhere that refuses to join the 21st century. 😉

UPDATE – ooh! He’s still speaking, and he just mentioned the Civil War, how the transcontinental railroad was connected by both Confederates and Yankees, for united economic progress. America’s march forward together, with plans to make tomorrow better than today, to lay a new foundation, make no little plans.

16 04 2009

Stunning? This Alaska blogger reports “W.A.R.” was just roundly rejected while Gov. Palin was off at a political anti-abortion rally in the Lower 48, rather than home taking care of business.

2 05 2009

Historical, Hysterical Conservatives:

Conservatives know this country is at a historical crossroads, and I suspect that what they fear most is that they are just as much on the wrong side of history as their ideological ancestors were in the 1860s when the end of slavery was being debated, in the early 1900s when women’s suffrage was being debated, in the 1930s when social security and the minimum wage were being debated, and in the 1960s when the civil rights were being debated. In every single one of those historical debates, conservatives:

-labeled their opposition socialists (and worse)
-called for states’ rights instead of a federal solution
-said that they were the true heirs of the founding fathers, and were the keepers of America’s traditions and values
-warned that the cha[n]ges being proposed were frighteningly radical, and would destroy the economy
-that big government would lead to a destruction of all of our most basic liberties

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