The Kilts Got Here Just in Time. . .

15 04 2009

. . . because it’s Scottish Heritage Month in Florida!


Who knew?

Okay, Susan Boyle Belongs Here Too

15 04 2009

. . .because she’s Scottish, and because the song Susan Boyle sings here is from Les Miz, in the top three if not THE top on our family’s long list of beloved musicals.

And because always unschooled Favorite Daughter and Young Son sing with infectious pleasure too, from the same unvarnished, untainted love of it that Susan Boyle obviously shares.

To quote FavD about two of her own female idols, Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf:

“We are a society obsessed with measurement, intent upon getting our money’s worth; we have forgotten the value of that which is unquantifiable. . .

Maybe one day we’ll all remember that hitting a high note isn’t as important as the right note inside of us.”

And to quote Susan Boyle herself, backstage after:
“Bloody fantastic.”