Teabagging the Founding Fathers: FavD Blogs Again!

16 04 2009

It’s been months (she explains why at the top of her new post.) Favorite Daughter is all grown up now, seriously, an independent-thinking upper division university student in a liberal southern town, making her own decisions and commanding language including four-letter words and urban slang exactly as she sees fit, to self-satisfying effect.

Unschooling was never more empowering; free speech was never freer!

Any incoherent homeschool bloggers indulging in political rants absent similar command of critical thinking and language, will want to Read the rest of this entry »

So Far, I Can Only Show You His Sporran

16 04 2009

. . .but the rest with him wearing it — and if I get my way, playing the pipes for the full visual effect — is coming soon to a blog reader near you.


Tuesday night his pipe major presented him with a “youth piper’s” horsehair sporran from Edinburgh. . . previously worn for much piping and passed along through the ranks to the next promising lad.

It looks almost exactly like this. The black top piece is the “cantle” with a silver “thistle badge.” It’s big and heavy, exotic and cool.

Grassroots 101: Protesting for Smart People

16 04 2009

How to intelligently design a protest:

. . . the ASU community is angry and embarrassed over the brouhaha [so] . . . they are mailing copies of their diplomas to university President Michael Crow and asking him to give them to Obama. . . A few are emailing diplomas directly to the White House.