Unschooling to College, Citizenship, Moral Force, Marriage Rights

18 04 2009

Some interesting power of story arguments in the speech below, that we haven’t been hearing much from this perspective — food for thought wherever you (and your older children) stand.

My two, especially always-unschooled Favorite Daughter who just turned 19, are passionate and pretty sophisticated in their politics. We talk and read and write about such things a lot. And now in these last two weeks before community college graduation, FavD is acting as Chief Justice of SCOTUS in her honors national government class moot court, presiding over five cases drawn from reality but set in The Simpsons’ cartoon town of Springfield.

All the other participants are rotating as justices and lawyers from case to case, but she is the constant. She’s finding that she knows enough to be pretty active in the questioning, connecting cases and principles that weren’t in the materials and no one else brought up.

A Pentagon Papers-type freedom of the press case was first; yesterday was same-sex marriage rights; abortion will be the fifth and final because they need to be more experienced first to tackle that, I guess. Or they’ll never want to see each other again afterward, so better to have it the last day!

The dean of the history and social sciences department was invited to observe yesterday for the marriage case, and caught FavD afterward to Read the rest of this entry »