Favorite Daughter on a Controversial Roll

21 04 2009

Well, at least one could argue she was tactful in choosing not to use the newspaper’s headline for her post — Dick called to drop abortion charges. 😉

And she wraps it up with a beautiful salute to true freedom as enabling the first step “toward the terrifying brilliance of a world you can create yourself.” See FavD’s latest, “Well, at least we don’t live in Australia: thoughts on abortion”:

He’s a very good news source, and he knows exactly which stories will make me scream/laugh. Today was a screaming day.

A 19 yr old Australian is facing 14 years in prison for “organizing her own miscarriage,” the text read. [Abortion is] legal there, just illegal to seek.

That makes no sense, I texted back.

Correct, he agreed.

So if someone jumps out of an alleyway and gives you one against your will, it’s OK, but if you make an appointment, it’s not?

Sort of. The law is 100 years old and doesn’t even make complete sense by today’s legal standards. “Seek your own” is the key phrase, but it isn’t defined.

. . .This story hits home with me for several reasons, not least because this girl is my age.