Nursery University

24 04 2009

I’ll let Snook’s regular commenters have a crack at this before adding my own thoughts:

“Nursery University”
First Preschool, Then the Ivy League
Published: April 24, 2009

Following five Manhattan families as they navigate the cutthroat competition for elite nursery school spots for their pampered progeny

. . .The movie’s educators and “application consultants” ($4,000 for seven meetings, thank you very much) may debunk the belief that these schools are essential for the Ivy League bound, but try telling that to the frazzled parents. Anxiously speed-dialing for applications and preparing for the all-important family interviews (“Tell them you like the New York Times crossword puzzle,” one father jokingly advises his winsome toddler), otherwise sane adults succumb to anger and frustration.

“We’re used to getting what we set out to get,” says Heidi, an entrepreneur determined to save her son, Jackson, from “a public school in Harlem.”

Cut to Harlem, where the Ragoonath family, immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, share Heidi’s determination, if not her ability to finance it. Read the rest of this entry »