Jason Bay best trade evah??

25 04 2009

Sure looks good to me!


Happy Birthday, Strunk & White

25 04 2009

Cue the music and release the balloons for the half-century celebration of E. B. White’s revision of his English professor’s original Elements of Style, all decked out in a new golden anniversary edition.

NYT’s Room for Debate blog invited a shortlist of honored guests to pay tribute (but what a churlish, surly bunch, not one appreciative admirer in the bunch, methinks they oughtn’t be invited back!):

“”If people would stop touting it as the Indispensable Book and using it as a weapon, we wouldn’t have to annoy them with our attacks.”

* Geoffrey K. Pullum, professor of linguistics
* Patricia T. O’Conner, grammarphobia.com
* Stephen Dodson, languagehat.com
* Ben Yagoda, professor of English
* Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl

One shudders to imagine how such company would behave should Miss Manners include them in her golden anniversary observance . . .