Butterfly Art Barbie’s huge honkin’ tattoo isn’t new

30 04 2009


Barely nineteen-year-old Favorite Daughter is graduating with a perfect grade point average and all sorts of scholarships and honors Saturday night, before starting upper division classes in her major at FSU May 11. But is she thinking about that? No, she is not. She is thinking about a tattooed Barbie doll she couldn’t live without when she was nine.

So this is not new and not news!

FavD in a new blog essay blows her mother’s theories (not to mention memories) of what in retrospect must’ve been a key child-rearing moment but seemed like mere child’s play at the time, all to hell — and all in an alluring, plastic-footed shopping basket.

And her poor mom has the feeling this cognitive dissonance in our divergent perception of shared family reality isn’t just temporary, like a doll’s toy tattoo, but a new permanent reality for mom to live with, ack!. . . 😉




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1 05 2009

“Oh, how short the memory of the 24-hour news channels!”

And, how long the memory of children!

1 05 2009

Really! That’s what I took away from the whole episode, this unnerving sense she remembered a lot more than I do . . .

2 05 2009
Crimson Wife

My mom’s visiting and we had a very interesting discussion about my 6 yr old’s “President Barbie”. My mom flat-out banned Barbie when I was growing up in the ’80’s. She tried raising me and my two brothers with androgynous toys but it didn’t work. I ended up being into fashion even without Mattel’s help.

My oldest loves, loves, loves Barbie. I’ve got mixed feelings about the dolls as a mom. I am troubled by how they reinforce a very narrow standard of female beauty. But it’s tricky for me to criticize that because that’s how both DD and I look. I don’t want her thinking that there’s something *WRONG* with the way she looks, even if I have a problem with how the media and big corporations try to push it as the *ONLY* acceptable way to be considered attractive.

I did buy her the “Barbie for President” doll because I liked the message of encouraging girls to get involved in politics and that they could grow up to maybe be president some day. Especially since it was shortly after the 2008 election where we saw one woman come very close to winning the nomination and another woman selected as running mate (whatever one’s personal feelings towards Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Palin, it still was historic).

2 05 2009

And I saw today that Chelsea Clinton is rumored to be planning an August wedding. I remember what an ugly duckling she was as a girl in the White House (and I never thought her mom was physically attractive) but now Chelsea is both accomplished and a striking young woman for whom life holds all sorts of possibilites, maybe even presidential aspirations of her own?

Sarah Palin (whatever one’s personal feelings LOL) is the opposite example in that way, apparently always physically beautiful but NOT changing and growing into inner beauty and human consciousness.

Then Jodie Foster is my favorite example of a female blessed with it all inside and out. It’s a bit of a reach to her presidential connection and maybe not suitable for six-year-olds but there IS one, an example of physical beauty indirectly interfering with her education efforts to develop her insides to match:

She was scheduled to graduate in 1984 but the shooting of then-President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr., in which Hinckley’s fascination with Foster created unwanted adverse publicity for her, caused her to take a year-long leave of absence from Yale.

So your daughter through “President Barbie” has many real-life power-of-story paths to growing up female!

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