One for Lynn at BoreMe, Who Loves This Stuff

11 05 2009

Wonder if this was all secretly part of the school’s abstinence program — rig elevators to fail before protection gets the chance to?

24 Students Stuck In Elevator After Prom Prank

FavD’s First Day at University: She Just Called Home

11 05 2009

. . . and listening to her with my giant mom-grin I thought to myself, but she IS home, on that campus, no less so than when she was unschooling AT home and maybe more so. This is one of those power of story moments.

She was lovingly describing her two new professors, one for religion and one for African-American literature, how wonderful each was yet how different, almost opposite, from the other — the nuances of how each discipline was being explored, and all the books to read and papers to write, o joy o rapture!

I’m thinking maybe she should’ve saved the headline for her Star Trek movie post, to use for today instead: “Oh man, you guys, I am so excited!” 🙂

It’s the Humanity, Stupid. . .

11 05 2009

Apparently the Church is no better at bureaucratic control and governance of real life than the State. It’s the Humanity, Stupid!

For the Miami archdiocese, losing Father Cutié to the Episcopalians would be like the Yankees losing Derek Jeter to the Red Sox. Unfortunately, the pool at the Delano will freeze over before the current Vatican softens its position on celibacy.

Ironically, some of the original Apostles were married, including a heavy hitter named Peter. He became the first Pope, and there’s no historical evidence that his wife ever distracted him from his holy duties. Who knows if he would have been as strong — free and single on South Beach.