It’s the Humanity, Stupid. . .

11 05 2009

Apparently the Church is no better at bureaucratic control and governance of real life than the State. It’s the Humanity, Stupid!

For the Miami archdiocese, losing Father Cutié to the Episcopalians would be like the Yankees losing Derek Jeter to the Red Sox. Unfortunately, the pool at the Delano will freeze over before the current Vatican softens its position on celibacy.

Ironically, some of the original Apostles were married, including a heavy hitter named Peter. He became the first Pope, and there’s no historical evidence that his wife ever distracted him from his holy duties. Who knows if he would have been as strong — free and single on South Beach.



4 responses

11 05 2009

“I really believe that you find God in the most unique places.”

1. In a pair of bathing suit bottoms.

2. In the Herald under the byline Carl Hiaasen.

11 05 2009

Hi Lynne. 😀

11 05 2009

Dave Barry is a Miami Herald favorite of mine, too.

He offers us Profound Human Truth such as
“Man’s Best Friend: It is Not the Kangaroo!”

9 09 2010

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