One for Lynn at BoreMe, Who Loves This Stuff

11 05 2009

Wonder if this was all secretly part of the school’s abstinence program — rig elevators to fail before protection gets the chance to?

24 Students Stuck In Elevator After Prom Prank




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11 05 2009

And speaking of abstinence, check out this Wanda Sykes joke from the Correspondents’ Dinner, after noting Sarah Palin had pulled out at the last minute:
“Somebody should tell her that’s not really how you practice abstinence.”

12 05 2009

Laughing at “rigging elevators to fail” before protection – and your promise ring! – gets the chance to.

And, there’s probably a “hot and bothered” joke to be found somewhere 😉

Hey, fun fact: it was in Sacto that I first turned fundie. I was an apprentice sign painter working for a woman whose business name was “Signs With Spirit” (“spirit” as in the Holy variety) — [eeesh, cringe, gag] — “Noxious Memory, be vanquished!”

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