FavD’s Upcoming Three-Volume Memoir

15 05 2009

titled, ““Why the Girl Who Sits in Front of Me Deserves to be Executed via Guillotine, and Other Things I Learned at a Four-Year State University”:

What is up with this attitude? Why are you in a 3300 level class that you don’t even care about?




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16 05 2009
Crimson Wife

I was a science nerd in college and bitterly resented the humanities classes I was required to take as distribution requirements. I loved to read, but I hated to do the type of B.S. literary critique in vogue at my alma mater. I remember telling my mom one time that I’d have rather taken the 3 grand I paid in tuition for a Shakespeare class and gone on an awesome trip to England to watch the Bard’s work performed at the restored Globe Theatre. Guess I had a closet “unschooler” side even back then…

16 05 2009

That must’ve been some Shakespeare class! 😉

Or some pricey U, if tuition years ago was pushing $1,000 per credit hour? That’s a reason I hadn’t considered, for thinking twice choosing a school. What you want it for might be worth the price but you’ll also be paying that much for what you don’t want it for!

17 05 2009
Crimson Wife

The current tuition is $37,380/yr, or $12,460 per quarter. That’s a flat rate whether a student takes the minimum of 12 units up to the maximum of 20 units. I usually took 15-17 units per quarter; assuming a 16 unit load, the tuition works out to be $779/unit. The Shakespeare class is 5 units, so that would be $3900.

The figure for the class I took a decade ago must’ve been more like two grand. But still enough to have paid for a decent trip to England!

I don’t regret having gone to my alma mater because I loved the science classes I took there, it did help me in my career, and most importantly it was where I met my DH.

17 05 2009

Priceless! 🙂

17 05 2009

CW, did you mean trimester rather than quarter? I can’t get the numbers to work out otherwise.

18 05 2009
Crimson Wife

They call it the “quarter system” but the summer quarter is optional (and additional tuition).

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