His Pipes, His Pipes Were Calling

18 05 2009

Saturday Young Son played the pipes in the Tallahassee Scottish Games for the first time, and cut such a dashing figure (and had such a fine mentor, of course) that he was invited to march with the massed bands in the opening ceremony, too. Like Shakespeare’s Juliet, this was “an honor he dreamed not of” and very exciting for us all!

Then the ceilidh (dance party) at Gill’s Steakhouse & Tavern that night held more surprises I’ll tell you about too, but it’s not an illustrated story, so it can wait a bit. 🙂

Young Son with John and Katie McIlroy preparing to march in the "massed bands" opening ceremonies






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19 05 2009
Mrs. C

That’s great! Wish you had a music track along with it. :]

Good thing your son doesn’t go to public school in a kilt… Look at this!


Good grief, stuff like that is so ignorant. Some of my ancestors were from Scotland as well. :]

19 05 2009

Oh good morning, Mrs C! Hey, a music track would be a good idea. We took about 20 minutes of video with sound, and I was thinking of uploading that to youtube if I can edit it down and figure out how. 🙂

I actually thought of you as I woke up to the radio this morning. NPR has a feature reporting on the Congressional investigative report re: school restraint/seclusion being released today.

19 05 2009

You probably already have Microsoft Movie Maker on your computer. It’s dead simple to use.

19 05 2009

Not sure how to take that! 😉

But thanks, dead simple (and free) is exactly what I need . . .

19 05 2009
Mrs. C

JJ, Elf’s story is actually in the COPAA report released about a week ago and presented to Congress. I’ve been so blessed homeschooling and blogging… it connected me to SO MANY other people whose stories are not told in public.

Hey, I met you through homeschool blogs, right? :]

19 05 2009

And if you don’t have Movie Maker it was a free add-on with a later version of Windows XP. Assuming your XP is up to date, you can download Movie Maker for free from Microsoft.com. It’s what I use to do the occassional edited videos I post. In fact, it is the only reason I ever boot into Windows.

15 07 2009
Wrapped in the Scottish Flag « Cocking A Snook!

[…] could be a big part of the fun. . . Young Son is saving the box with its cool red stamp, and in his scotophile’s mind, the flag might as well be the present […]

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