Salute When You Call My Son a Cross-Dresser!

19 05 2009

JJ’s comment today at teacher Darren MacFarlane’s conservative education politics blog, about kilt-wearing Utah schoolboy mistaken as cross-dresser — by his own (shockingly ignorant) principal!

Gavin’s father, Preston McFarland, hopes the incident leads to discussions and education about Scottish heritage, an important part of the history of Weber County.

“I’m just kind of shocked,” he said. “Living in Utah, so many of our ancestors are from that area.”

Ben Lomond Peak was named by Scottish settlers and Ogden boasts a high school where students are encouraged to wear kilts — Ben Lomond High School.

The school’s bagpipe corps endures some occasional teasing from other schools when it competes or travels outside of the Ogden area, said adviser Cory Jensen, but generally the kilts are viewed with respect and an appreciation for Scottish culture.

“Here at the school, they are completely supportive,” Jensen said. “They are looked at as a manly thing.”

Students of Scottish heritage will wear kilts occasionally even if they aren’t in the bagpipes corps, he said.

Here We Go Again With The Kilts“:

Mrs. C just mentioned your stupid-school-principal post when she saw photos of my 13-year-old son in his Ross family tartan kilt Saturday, playing his D Naill great highland bagpipes in his first Scottish games.

My career was in public schooling but he’s never been sent to school, always happily unschooled, and this is the best example I’ve seen lately of WHY! 🙂

Although in a wicked twist of ethnocentrism, I can report that there was another piper about Young Son’s age, whose dad Read the rest of this entry »