Fun and Freeing Homeschool Interviews for Families

21 05 2009

Way to go, Deb! Smart and funny do go together and this is the latest evidence.

If you’re a Thinking Parent of any stripe, you have GOT to go to this blog, “Homeschooling: Freedom and Fun for Your Family” — you’ll recognize lots of the names already up and the ones to come, including Pam and Sandra, Betty Malone (writestuff) and Valerie, Nance and me at some point — and then add the interview link to your blogroll, keep it handy for the next time some Ladenblather pretends to want to know about homeschooling and unschooling life.

And if you want to play along with your own interview, I’m assured you’d be most welcome. . .




5 responses

21 05 2009
Debbie H.

JJ’s right. Come one, come all and have some fun telling us about your family’s interpretation of the freedom and fun of homeschooling.

You can contact me through the email on my profile page (web page I linked to for this post).

Thanks for helping to spread the word, JJ.

Debbie, who wishes she had some cool initials to call herself, but Double D just does not fit at all

21 05 2009

Lol-ing at double D . . .

21 05 2009
Betty Malone

And I love my “photo”… 🙂

22 05 2009

Betty, you never looked better! (you might want to ease up on the cosmetics though.)

6 06 2009

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