Limbaugh Calls First Black President a Giant Alien Cockroach

22 05 2009

I swear. On his radio show this afternoon.
He likened our elegant, charming, authentically American (and black) president to the giant alien cockroach here to wipe humankind off the face of the earth, in the movie “Men in Black.”

FavD and I both heard his little um, riff, live, and stared at each other. We couldn’t believe he’d said it much less manage to explain in any way however far-fetched WHY he would say it.

Is it possible his deafness isn’t just aural now but increasingly mental — that he’s literally losing his faculties, in some creepy Michael Jackson-Elvis Presley public slide into senility if not madness?

Palin Parenting Pregnancy Pomp (and Circumstance)

22 05 2009

2009-05-21-bristolpeople teen mom glam

Good for her, plucky Bristol Palin somehow managed to “finish high school” as an unwed teen mother. Here she is on the cover of People magazine role-modeling in vivid glossy glam to show young girls what it’s like to have it all at the age of 18.

So now, the Palins are fabulously dressing up their daughter’s situation. After all, the Gov. has her eye on a future White House run.

Governor Palin fabulously dressing up for a White House run? We remember that drill, baby.

Is R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Dress?
For instance:

And let’s not even get started on the recent object lesson of conservatives like oh, Sarah Palin for instance, putting undue emphasis on and investment into wardrobe, instead of knowledge and ideas!

See also Dress for Success Power of Story.

There’s only one moment in Bristol’s People interview that actually sounds heartbreakingly real. She admits that she skipped her prom — ” I don’t have that kind of time. And the dress is, like, $400, and the shoes, hair, makeup, it’s way too expensive.”

Wow. Her mom enjoyed a free $150,000 wardrobe and $50,000 worth of makeup during the presidential campaign, and she wouldn’t babysit and fork over the money to get her daughter a dress for a once in a lifetime prom. As Bristol admitted, “It kind of sucked, to tell you the truth!” Read the rest of this entry »