Homeschool Headline: We are Rich, White and Shifty!

29 05 2009

Making the homeschool parent blog rounds this week is a USA Today screamer: Profound shift in kind of families who are home schooling their children!

Stop the presses! We’ve been homeschooling for two decades and I’ve got the journalism background AND the education background, and I MISSED this?? What the heck happened to profoundly change my peers while I was home being my unshifting self?

Home schooling has grown most sharply for higher-income families. In 1999, 63.6% of home-schooling families earned less than $50,000. Now 60.0% earn more than $50,000.

So 36% of homeschooling families were above that income level in 1999; eight years later, 60% are? But consider, over that eight-year period, what was the change in real value of $50,000? And from another US census report, it looks like U.S. real median income increases by 1% to 2% per year including all families, not just homeschooling families: Read the rest of this entry »