Teaching Our Girls (Boys Too) to Dance With Democracy

5 06 2009

In early December it was announced that for the first time, boys and girls would be allowed to dance together at the school party on New Year’s Eve, and a classmate whose parents had been diplomats stationed in Europe organized dance practice after school. . .

A time to dance, in freedom. It’s serial power of story, this learn-to-dance theme, crafted over time in far-flung yet close-to-home pieces like Dickens telling his own life story in fiction, or Sherlock Holmes brought to life in the old Strand Magazine.

Or maybe it’s the homey yet naturally diverse “progressive dinner” such as Snook and MisEducation once enjoyed with the culturally well-endowed Teresa Heinz Kerry, on behalf of the world’s women and children?

. . .like those social meals my parents enjoyed in quiet college towns, friends and fellows trouping from home to home as the evening progresses to partake of distinctively different but equally delightful courses, all variations on a universal theme. Each host in turn becomes everyone else’s guest, and a fine time is had by all.

So another way kids learn about the world is playing with spices, learning how salsa is both food and dance? And not just food but drink, like a twist on the classic Coke commercial, hum along with me if you remember how it goes: I’d like to teach the world to dance . . .


Talk about the dance of planned parenthood — I’ve known two families through their adoption of baby daughters from China.

. . .Such planned parents by choice generally impress me with their healthy, open attitudes and beliefs, a wish to balance, embrace, discover, celebrate, blend and include rather than to define, delimit, or Read the rest of this entry »