It’s the Sleep, Stupid! JJ’s Unschooling Interview

6 06 2009

And here it is:
It’s The Sleep, Stupid!: JJ Ross’ Interview

Nance’s unschooling interview will be posting there soon.




3 responses

8 06 2009

Very nice interview! 🙂 When does FavD leave for Europe? We’re less than a month away from leaving ourselves!

8 06 2009
AMW Brandy Aminah

Very well done interview, I left my comments there! 😀

8 06 2009

Hi guys, thanks. Oh Colleen, she’s been so swamped finishing one year’s passions and launching the next — summer term finals for the compressed session are next week — but you’re right, it’s almost here! Their flight is the first couple of days in July, not sure which they exactly they wound up with (she’s been too busy to tell her mother these things!)

Btw, did you notice the first Unschooling Europe conference will be in London the last week of July? Sandra Dodd will speak . . .

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