Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from Tennis

7 06 2009

The red clay of Georgia was my favorite childhood story and now the red clay of Paris is high on my grown-up favorites list.


On that clay today, with international class and grace and style and brilliance, my favorite tennis champion finally got his due with his wife cheering him on (seven months pregnant with their first child[ren — it turned out to be twins]) as he joined two historic American champions in the record books at the same time: Andre Agassi for winning all four Grand Slams (he was there to present the trophy) and matching Pete Sampras, my late dad’s personal favorite champ, with the most Grand Slam titles at 14. So at Wimbledon over the Fourth of July, Federer can beat Sampras’ career record and take the top spot.

Good day. 😀

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9 06 2009

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