Never Mind Jews, Blacks, Immigrants, Gays: Kill the Pagans!

8 06 2009

Good discussion at Betty’s about Obama and Elie Wiesel, religious wars and what it will take to stop fighting them when at last enough people of good will want to badly enough. . .

No soaring rhetoric, just simple belief and statements that reached his audience. He said: “We have not learned.”
For anyone who knows his story, we know he speaks the truth.

I woke up this morning thinking I might blog the latest faith-based fear-mongering incitement of the Ignorant from history professor Newt Gingrich, that real Americans are “surrounded by paganism” (not Palinism? that’s what I see) and how maybe the Constitution’s citizenship requirements need to be changed to include fealty to The Christian Creator as chief justice uber alles — but then Betty sucked me in over there, and her online manners are more gracious than mine even if she’s not a southern girl, so we might as well let her host this party. 😉

See also Hapless Major in Terrorism and the Public’s Right to Know:

The hapless young idealists in today’s story were arrested by the FBI, *before* they could hurt me, because they had been taught sufficiently scary stuff, said the government. It’s called “preemptive justice” (arrest before crime, which the courts call impermissable “prior restraint” when it comes to journalism and the public’s right to know) — hmmm, but public education IS the public’s right to know, so shouldn’t schooling be just as constitutionally free from prior restraint as journalism, not to mention terrorist wannabes? Maybe more so?

Did these hapless twenty-somethings have the right to educate themselves in middle eastern terrorism, without prior restraint? Yes? — is that more or less freedom from prior restraint than a hapless middle schooler gets, to not dress out for PE because she’d rather read in the library? If we don’t restrain her from the library, will we restrain her from reading certain things once there — just in case it might lead her thinking astray?

Will the government test her on whatever she is allowed to read, until she learns that reading is a state function? Never mind her rights, will all that serve our right to have her know what we need her to know, to protect OUR rights from government?

and DoCtor JJ’s Religion-Choosing Research Up in the Air
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