Proof the Intertubes Are Manmade, Not Divine?

14 06 2009

Great news, guess what summer replacement show is coming to a YouTube channel near you?
Parenting Beyond Belief!

. . .an average of one 3-5 minute video per week.
The tentative summer schedule:

June 15: The, uh… “Genesis” of Parenting Beyond Belief
June 20: Five reasons kids need to be religiously literate
June 25: How to teach kids about religion…and how not to
June 30: What indoctrination is…and what it isn’t
July 18: “What if my child becomes religious?”
July 25: The moment of the question
August 1: Three myths about death
August 8: Introducing kids to evolution

We’ll continue with understanding moral development, reaching across worldview lines, relaxing family tension, teaching kids to interact well with religious peers, talking to kids about the body and sexuality, the pledge of allegiance, the “mixed marriage,” Santa Claus, and more. I hope they’re occasionally useful.

The Case of Whole Truth v. Holy Truth

14 06 2009

. . .and both are man-made fictions, two short stories about truth not sufficient even taken together to tell Real Truth in holistic human splendour.

Whole Truth is the left-brained truth of law and justice, for constitutional courtroom and secular classroom, you know, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” complete with all sorts of evidentiary exclusions and self-serving objections and storytelling to spin the facts, the search for “whole truth” cynically set up as adversarial, might makes right.

Holy Truth is the right-brained truth of spirit and soul, for family kitchen and communion table, you know, complete with burning fire and brimstone, original sin, prophecies and prayer and punishments, commandments and damnation, belief lacking all evidence as proof for the biggest stories of all.

Seldom the twain shall meet, as any kind of truth at all.


This is back on the front burner, tempest in a tea party pot, small-scale yet honest-to-god religious war over secular education in the news again. Uncivil civil war. Reading through last year’s competing kinds of truth about this case, it’s pretty clear there will be no meeting of minds, no meeting of truths — and certainly no real tea party manners. Nance has confidence that eventually the legal, secular “whole truth” will out. What about you?

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