How Changing the Rules Changes the Game

24 06 2009

If you are homeschooling — read out of the education mainstream — and don’t know about the Kobayashi Maru, you should. Think Harry Potter changing the rules to survive.

Even the artsy Oscars go by grades and scores and competitive rules, you know . . .

Obviously this is power of story for schooling, politics, the economy, families and/or classrooms with five to ten children, marriage, beauty pageants, baseball, you name it:
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When Getting an F is a GOOD Thing

24 06 2009

“It may be the first time
that getting an F represents an upgrade. . .”

. . .Worse Than an F

I take academic dishonesty seriously too, but punishment as the answer? Wouldn’t it be better (for schools and society too) to figure out how to get the students on-board with academic honesty in the first place?

Of course it figures the university’s lead criminology prof came up with this! 😉

“The idea was to create a fair, consistent, and effective policy on academic integrity matters across the university that would be enthusiastically embraced by students, faculty and administrators alike, and that mirrored a zero-tolerance approach both in theory and in practice,” says SCAISLE chair Rob Gordon, who directs the School of Criminology.

See, Required Curriculum Isn’t All Bad

24 06 2009

Mixing drinks with work (and education?) —

Leaders in the hospitality industry have long acknowledged that alcohol and drug abuse are dangerous byproducts of a stressful business with ready access to both. Food service workers have the highest rate of illicit drug use and the third-highest rate of heavy alcohol use among major occupations, according to the latest data from the United States Department of Health and Human Services. (Construction workers and miners drink the most, and installation and maintenance workers are second.)

wine bottleChronicle of Higher Education NewsBlog
June 24, 2009
Culinary Institute Fails to Provide Alcohol-Free Alternative, Student Says

A student at the Culinary Institute of America says a required course in which students drink wine, and the institute’s unwillingness to come up with an alcohol-free alternative, is frustrating his efforts to remain sober.

The student, Jeremy Umansky, who is 26, filed a complaint in March against the institute with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

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Mark Sanford: I Confess, I Was Awake for All 56 Star Tattoos!

24 06 2009

Tattoo girl

Oh wait —
The Sinful Governor

Face-Tattoo Girl

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Sandra Dodd’s Universe Inside Your Head!

24 06 2009

Snook featured Dale’s Parenting Beyond Belief videos and now we can add Sandra too, don’t you love the intertubes??

You Can’t Spell Godwin’s Law Without G-O-[P]

24 06 2009

GOP Women:Obama and Hitler Have Great Deal in Common:

Dear Friends:

Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common in my view. Obama and Hitler use the “blitzkrieg” method to overwhelm their enemies. FAST, CARPET BOMBING intent on destruction. Hitler’s blitzkrieg bombing destroyed many European cities – quickly and effectively. Obama is systematically destroying the American economy and with it AMERICA. First the banking/investment industry, next private enterprise (GM and Chrysler) and now HEALTH CARE. . .Start a blitzkrieg of your own!

I guess all there is to say to that, is to refer Thinking Parents back to this:
How Language Tricks Our Feelings, Shrouds Our Thoughts

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What’s Up With Fightin’ Mad White Women?

Is Tokyo Rush Cartoonishly Incredible on Purpose?

“The Unschooling Guinea Pig” Part Two

24 06 2009

Part One


– She experiences her first “sleepovers” with DiDi and Nana. Away from home overnight, she is excited and adventurous with no traces of homesickness. Several months before, Rebecca from next-door was invited to spend the night with FavD but had a classic “stomachache” very suddenly about 9:30pm necessitating her return home, to FavD’s disappointment and concern. Rebecca is three years older than FavD, so it hadn’t occurred to any of us there would be a problem.

Thus we grownups were standing by if FavD should have such needs to run back to home base.

She packed for a week! — and exhausted DiDi long before she tired herself out enough to sleep. During the second or third evening, Daddy did respond to a bedtime phone call for “CindyBaby” who somehow had been overlooked in the comprehensive packing. But in another more impromptu stay, neither CindyBaby, sleepers nor even toothbrush was with her, and she stayed happily until lunch the next day.

– We record the Christmas pageant performance on videotape. She watches the tape with pleasure, and talks about the memorization process of the poem she recited in her big scene. Everyone else with any lines to speak of, was considerably older than she. POINTS BROUGHT OUT: work pays off; she’s exceptionally good at many things; accomplishment feels great; fear and excitement are related. Mainly, she’s the one who draws out these observations.

[LMAO! says mom in the present day. “Mainly” the six-year-old should’ve been keeping this journal herself then!]

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