You Can’t Spell Godwin’s Law Without G-O-[P]

24 06 2009

GOP Women:Obama and Hitler Have Great Deal in Common:

Dear Friends:

Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common in my view. Obama and Hitler use the “blitzkrieg” method to overwhelm their enemies. FAST, CARPET BOMBING intent on destruction. Hitler’s blitzkrieg bombing destroyed many European cities – quickly and effectively. Obama is systematically destroying the American economy and with it AMERICA. First the banking/investment industry, next private enterprise (GM and Chrysler) and now HEALTH CARE. . .Start a blitzkrieg of your own!

I guess all there is to say to that, is to refer Thinking Parents back to this:
How Language Tricks Our Feelings, Shrouds Our Thoughts

See also
What’s Up With Fightin’ Mad White Women?

Is Tokyo Rush Cartoonishly Incredible on Purpose?




One response

24 06 2009

It’s getting more and more difficult to tell the parodies and real GOP communications apart.

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