Um, Holy Mackerel?

26 06 2009

The Political Enclave That Dare Not Speak Its Name
The Sanford and Ensign Scandals Open a Door On Previously Secretive ‘C Street’ Spiritual Haven

Family Secret (house) in DC

I’d better go see what Jeff Sharlet has to say about this notoriety, with the Family coming out in paperback and all . . holy moly! (Or is that oy vey?)

Michael Jackson, Mark Sanford and the Synagogue of Satan:

After ignoring the most politically influential group in Washington for decades, the Washington Post is going big with the revelation that randy Republicans Mark Sanford and John Ensign both sought spiritual solace in the C Street House of the Family, aka Read the rest of this entry »

Power of Story in Public Communication Meets High Tech Cool!

26 06 2009

Okay, that this high-tech magic is now real in my world, literally gives me chills in every sense of the word.

Marshall McLuhan must be muttering “I told you so” in his grave!

domesticvio holoposter

Anti-abuse Poster Only Batters When Nobody’s Looking

This is even better power of story than MisEducation (JJ’s alter ego) imagined back in 2002 when she first breathlessly penned these words:

Remember those living, moving portraits like the Gryffindor Fat Lady who demands that students give the day’s password? MisEducation nearly swooned when she read that the Muggles have acquired the power to create these living pictures.   The Times explains in Movie Posters That Talk Back:

“. . . What if, rather than being frozen on a poster for the latest James Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry could leap in a full-motion, fist-flying fury to a stereo soundtrack? And what if these posters could interact with film patrons, recognizing their tastes and quickly matching their interests with trailers and show times for movies that they most likely want to see?

For the last five years Stephan Fitch and his company, Thinking Pictures, have been quietly working to recast movie posters with Read the rest of this entry »

Remember That Michael Jackson “Homeschooled” His Kids

26 06 2009

And when he was the child instead of the father, was what he got as parenting, “right”?

Joe Jackson told the BBC that he whipped Michael with a switch and a belt . . .When asked about Michael’s comments that he was so nervous seeing his father that he regurgitates, Joe Jackson’s comment is, “He regurgitates all the way to the bank.”

Just a reminder to temper our parental self-righteousness in the public policy square, as this summer’s hysteria heats up over the UN daring to champion the Rights of the Child, and the US education department addressing national school standards . . .

When it comes to Michael Jackson’s children and OJ Simpson’s children, Octomom’s or Jon and Kate’s Eight; Gov. Sanford’s children or John Edwards’ children, in or out of marriage; Sarah Palin’s special needs baby (and her teen-parented grandbaby, her daughter/s maligned by a late-night comic, her 18-year-old son off to a misbegotten war in the Middle East, whew!) never mind a whole world full of hungry, poor and health-threatened children, literally mutilated or enslaved children, abused and neglected children, church-cult-terrorism indoctrinated children. . .

Whose side are we really on?

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