Power of Story in Public Communication Meets High Tech Cool!

26 06 2009

Okay, that this high-tech magic is now real in my world, literally gives me chills in every sense of the word.

Marshall McLuhan must be muttering “I told you so” in his grave!

domesticvio holoposter

Anti-abuse Poster Only Batters When Nobody’s Looking

This is even better power of story than MisEducation (JJ’s alter ego) imagined back in 2002 when she first breathlessly penned these words:

Remember those living, moving portraits like the Gryffindor Fat Lady who demands that students give the day’s password? MisEducation nearly swooned when she read that the Muggles have acquired the power to create these living pictures.   The Times explains in Movie Posters That Talk Back:

“. . . What if, rather than being frozen on a poster for the latest James Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry could leap in a full-motion, fist-flying fury to a stereo soundtrack? And what if these posters could interact with film patrons, recognizing their tastes and quickly matching their interests with trailers and show times for movies that they most likely want to see?

For the last five years Stephan Fitch and his company, Thinking Pictures, have been quietly working to recast movie posters with precisely those capabilities and more.
“…the displays were a “win-win-win proposition” for studios that received information about moviegoers’ interests, for exhibitors that shared in the ad revenue and for movie patrons who were informed and entertained by the posters.

Bonnie Curtis, one of the producers of “Minority Report,” . . .when told about Mr. Fitch’s displays, . . .called them “fantastic.”

“There is no telling where technology is going to take us.”

When she regained her composure, MisEducation was forced to acknowledge that she was actually upset due to her realization that public schools are even further behind the Magic Curve than she had believed.

Oh my! [fluttering and fanning herself in a ladylike but vigorous fashion] MisEducation has always preferred the inspiring and deeply personal magic of theatres and libraries to the curriculum of the typical classroom, and this amazing news suggests that once again, she is ahead of her time in recognizing the Real Magic all around us.

Even as the public schools fade into obscurity, it won’t be because they suffered in comparison to Hogwarts but because they couldn’t even use the available Muggle magic to sufficient advantage.   MisEducation will rely on the knowledge that Muggle parents everywhere are awakening to their own magical powers and will no longer be under the spell of a decaying system.

Just remember it’s not so new, and not really news.
McLuhan explained how “the medium is the massage” back when I was a grad student and we were still figuring out how to (mis)use educational tv:



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