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26 06 2009

The Political Enclave That Dare Not Speak Its Name
The Sanford and Ensign Scandals Open a Door On Previously Secretive ‘C Street’ Spiritual Haven

Family Secret (house) in DC

I’d better go see what Jeff Sharlet has to say about this notoriety, with the Family coming out in paperback and all . . holy moly! (Or is that oy vey?)

Michael Jackson, Mark Sanford and the Synagogue of Satan:

After ignoring the most politically influential group in Washington for decades, the Washington Post is going big with the revelation that randy Republicans Mark Sanford and John Ensign both sought spiritual solace in the C Street House of the Family, aka the Fellowship. I happen to have written a book about The Family, so the Post called me. . .

. . .The Family’s founders and its current leaders decided that God had told them that the Jews had broken their covenant with God and thus no longer enjoyed special status. Instead, the Family itself represents what they call the “New Chosen.” You know, guys like Mark Sanford and John Ensign.

. . . Let’s rise above prudish politics of the Right and the gloating of liberals and the stealth anti-Semitism of America’s preacher. John Ensign, Mark Sanford, I salute you — don’t stop til you get enough. Just stop trying to stop everybody else from getting some, too.



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29 06 2009

Btw here’s power of story that appeals to me on such matters: Jeff’s own thinking about his own believing in his own thinking about his own believing, literally raised to the power of infinity:

The Apocalypse is Always Now
. . .Third ways, in other words, tend to be built on false promises, naive realpolitik, compromises that conceal their costs. And yet, too skeptical for new traditionalism, too bored by the new atheism, we had no other chance but to find a third way of our own. Fortunately, we knew what to do with it when we found it: kill it. Because the third way you meet is not the true path but merely an expression of your longing.

Thus, Killing the Buddha, a magazine devoted to its own undoing, a disjointed and freakish revelation road that runs in a bumpy circle, all its epiphanies merely echoes of one another, each murmuring the same precious and useless knowledge: the apocalypse is always now. Which means, of course, that the ending of one story is simply the beginning of another.

Believer, beware; our condition is incurable.

29 06 2009

Ugh. . .

Culbertson also thinks that the only thing holding his friends’ marriage together right now is “their vow to God.”

“Because it’s not feelings _ it’s not emotions,” Culbertson said, the smile fading from his tanned face. “For most Christians, at some point in your marriage, if you’re married long enough, you do it because that’s what we’re called to do _ out of obedience instead of out of passion. And I think that’s where Mark and Jenny are right now.”

MOST Christians get to loveless, passionless marriage as nothing more than duty and obedience? Too bad they don’t promote this explicitly, up front, to the same kids being told to just say no and stay pure, not to even kiss before the altar . . .

1 07 2009

Taking Young Son to Shakespeare summer camp around noon today, our radio suddenly filled the van with Jeff Sharlet talking with Terry Gross, about this very same secret church-convent-think tank-command headquarters!

He said it’s an old convent and Doug Coe runs it under the “church” tax exemption even though it’s in no way a church and Coe doesn’t care for “church” anyway, thinks religion should ruthlessly rule every part of life like in the Old Testament. (my words though, not his.)

He mentioned Mark Sanford’s defense of his Argentinian mistress using King David, and said it was one of Coe’s core teachings, and its moral is that no matter when a “chosen” patriarch like Sanford sins and everybody sees it (David actually murdered to get his mistress’ husband out of the way and marry her) he can go right ahead in his public rule, because god chose them for that and wants them to carry on . . .

1 07 2009

Excerpt from Sharlet’s book about The Family, explaining “The Stealth Billy Graham” view of what King David is meant by god to teach chosen political leaders:

. . .”King David,” David Coe went on, “liked to do really, really bad things.” He chuckled. “Here’s this guy who slept with another man’s wife — Bathsheba, right? — and then basically murdered her husband. And this guy is one of our heroes.” David shook his head.

“I mean, Jiminy Christmas, God likes this guy! What,” he said, “is that all about?”

“Is it because he tried?” asked Bengt. “He wanted to do the right thing?” Bengt knew the Bible, Old Testament and New, better than any of the others, but he offered his answer with a question mark on the end. Bengt was dutiful in checking his worst sin, his fierce pride, and he frequently turned his certainties into questions.

“That’s nice, Bengt,” David said. “But it isn’t the answer. Anyone else?”

“Because he was chosen,” I said.
For the first time David looked my way.

“Yes,” he said, smiling.
“Chosen. Interesting set of rules, isn’t it?”

He turned to Beau. “Beau, let’s say I hear you raped three little girls. And now here you are at Ivanwald. What would I think of you, Beau?”

. . . “Probably that I’m pretty bad?”

“No, Beau.” David’s voice was kind. “I wouldn’t.” He drew Beau back into the circle with a stare that seemed to have its own gravitational pull. Beau nodded, brow furrowed, as if in the presence of something profound.

“Because,” David continued, “I’m not here to judge you. That’s not my job. I’m here for only one thing. Do you know what that is?”

Understanding blossomed in Beau’s eyes. “Jesus?” he said. David smiled and winked. “Hey,” he said. “Did you guys see Toy Story?”

Half the room had.
“Remember how there was a toy cowboy, Woody? And then the boy who owns Woody gets a new toy, a spaceman? Only the toy spaceman thinks he’s real. Thinks he’s a real spaceman, and he’s got to figure out what he’s doing on this strange planet. So what does Woody say to him? He says, ‘You’re just a toy.’ ”

David sat quietly, waiting for us to absorb this.
“Just a toy. We’re not really spacemen. We’re just toys. Created for God. For His pleasure, nothing else. Just a toy. Period.”

He walked to the National Geographic map of the world mounted on the wall. “You guys know about Genghis Khan?” he asked. “Genghis was a man with a vision. He conquered” — David stood on the couch under the map, tracing, with his hand, half the northern hemisphere — “nearly everything. He devastated nearly everything. His enemies? He beheaded them.”

David swiped a finger across his throat.
“Dop, dop, dop, dop.”

Genghis Khan’s genius, David went on, lay in his understanding that there could be only one king.

When Genghis entered a defeated city, he would call in the local headman. Conversion to the Khan’s cause was not an option, as Genghis was uninterested in halfhearted deputies. Instead, said David, Genghis would have the man stuffed into a crate, and over the crate’s surface would be spread a tablecloth, on which a wonderful meal would be arrayed.

“And then, while the man suffocated, Genghis ate, and he didn’t even hear the man’s screams.”

David stood on the couch, a finger in the air. “Do you know what that means?”

To their credit, my brothers did not.

Perhaps on account of my earlier insight, David turned to me.
“I think so,” I said. “Out with the old, in with the new.”

Yes, he nodded. “Christ’s parable of the wineskins. You can’t pour new into old.” . . .

7 07 2009
Favorite Daughter and Friend Go the ROYAL MILE « Cocking A Snook!

[…] sat quietly, waiting for us to absorb this. “Just a toy. We’re not really spacemen. We’re just toys. Created for God. For His pleasure, nothing else. Just a toy. […]

14 07 2009
Look, Lynn! Bobby Jindel Has a Brother in Exorcism! « Cocking A Snook!

[…] It’s a U.S. Senator who’s been in the news a lot lately, and he lives on C Street with the super-secret Family/Fellowship […]

17 07 2009

Unbelievable — yet another C Street macho-adultery conspirator bites the media-marriage dust. What makes this one worth following imo, isn’t just the running total now but the unusual response from his Little Woman, and which parent in THIS scandal claims to have the interest of the five kids more at heart . . .

18 07 2009
Cocking A Snook!

[…] It’s working on C Street, Doug Coe telling some well-connected elected white men that they’ve been chosen by divine will to be better than ordinary people, even their own wives and children much less their constituents. That they answer to a higher morality and aren’t bound by ordinary accountability . . .but it works even better if you keep really secret! I’m wondering if the cockroach trick will work for Rush Limbaugh, to turn us against our president? […]

21 07 2009

Nobody ever said these guys weren’t effective. Apparently they are “re-branding” even as we speak . . .

24 07 2009
8 11 2009

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the bedroom? Climb down off the altar? Whatever, looks like John Ensign is finally there, or more accurately, outta there.

Ensign Moves Out of C Street:

The C Street home became central to the Ensign saga when Cynthia Hampton’s husband, Doug, who was one of Ensign’s top aides at the time of the affair, arranged to confront Ensign there. . . one of the senator’s housemates and friends, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., urged Ensign to end the affair. (Other lawmakers who live at the home were not present.)

. . .The [New York] Times reported that Ensign may have knowingly allowed Doug Hampton, in his new job consulting for Nevada companies, to lobby the senator’s office in possible violation of the one-year lobby ban for top staff members.

Ethics experts have said they expect the Justice Department will launch a criminal investigation of the matter . . . Sensing the ongoing scrutiny of his C Street home could continue, Ensign apparently decided to move on.

18 11 2009

After 20 years of favored status as a church preparing missionaries, C Street loses (two-thirds of) its tax exemption.

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