It’s The (Sleazy) Summer of Love. . .

1 07 2009

in public, but not at my house. We get classic poetry and true love! Young Son is doing 80 hours of summer camp with an FSU professor at the local alternative arts high school, called the Summer of Shakespeare.

For the month he turns 14, same age as Romeo I think, I say this is worlds more worthy “public education” than the sex, lies and self-justifying bible verse of public celebrities and politicians pimping our their life philosophies this year, most of whom seem like they could learn a lot from expanding their own reading to the power of other stories besides the few petards they’re hoist upon.

So in Young Son’s honor (not Sanford’s or Ensign’s or Edward’s, not Spitzer’s or Jackson’s or any of the Palin clan’s, not A-Rod’s or, oh, you get the idea) I hereby choose Read the rest of this entry »