Sarah Palin “Freeing” Herself From Public Office!

3 07 2009

UPDATE 6:43 pm ET on CNN – David Gergen just said and I quote his exact three words, that it was bizarre, bewildering and nonsense.

See her remarks here or as officially “punctuated” here — and get them on video too, so you can hear that peculiar steely-happy delivery and the self-justification that makes her the Center of Every Universe — wow, see what you miss when you’re paying attention to your own family instead of the celebrities’ families?!?

I couldn’t resist revisiting Fiddle-dee-dee, from the week Sarah Palin first sashayed into our national power of story:

She was healthy, headstrong, unrefined, a minimally educated young woman with a very sharp tongue, getting by with her natural resources — breathtaking beauty and carefully cultivated feminine wiles. Scarlett produced several beautiful children not because she had any real choice or felt called to “actual” mothering as her own life purpose, but because it was inevitable in her society. Lucky for her and her ruthless pursuit of money and power and control out in the business world among men, then, that in that old-fashioned life, she had ample family and social resources at her disposal through which she could avoid bearing many “actual responsibilities” of active motherhood herself.

Living large the unexamined life, as it wreaks havoc on everyone else’s life.
Fiddle-dee-dee. She was the still most popular girl in three counties.

Scarlett was fictional but that doesn’t mean her story is a lie. . . . It’s Power of Story and we already know Palin’s story by heart.

So instead of Sanford, SHE steps down to save her children yet under similar suspicions of self over service? Maybe she’s smarter than he is, after all? Shrewder anyway, tough as nails and less morally conflicted — Scarlett to his Ashley Wilkes.

Favorite Daughter Wasn’t Kidding. . .

3 07 2009

and now she is gone!

We’re not losing a daughter but gaining a world traveler? She and her best girlfriend, fellow dancer and traveling companion Kiki, both declare they will be forever changed by their European adventure (and they can’t wait!) so we took plenty of photos as they were leaving for the airport, to memoralize those selves we’ll never see again [sniff, sob!]


It’s as they want it, flying solo, no family, chaperones or guides, not even a travel agent to help plan and book. Nobody told me truly individual unschooling would sometimes feel so radical. But maybe it’s the parenting, period, and not any particular education method that feels like Read the rest of this entry »