Favorite Daughter Just Touched Down in LONDON

5 07 2009

and thanks to the human magic of international intertubes, I bring you this news from their friends-and-family blog:

en route

“In London for the night”
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Made it!

Horribly, horribly jet lagged. We have to wait five hours and twenty minutes before we can go to sleep. We each got about three hours last night, and our bodies are still on East Coast time, so when the plane landed in Heathrow at “Ten AM” it was really five AM for us.

Plane rides went OK, though, except for this idiot child who sat behind us on the way to Newark and kept gravely insisting to his poor stepfather that his biological father was sure the Mets would make the series. “Or maybe the Angels and the Dodgers. Or the Cardinals and the Dodgers…” This went on quite awhile, and he named several teams that I don’t think can even PLAY each other in the series. Anyway.

Flew out of Newark to lovely fireworks over the Hudson (thanks for the tip, Tim!). First time either of us had ever seen fireworks from above. Seemed like a pretty good send-off.

Incidentally, the Newark airport is awesome, containing every resturant known to man, and about five CNBCNews giftshops – every airport must have at least two to be legally considered an airport, it seems.

Heading to Edinburgh tomorrow!

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