Favorite Daughter Just Touched Down in LONDON

5 07 2009

and thanks to the human magic of international intertubes, I bring you this news from their friends-and-family blog:

en route

“In London for the night”
Posted by penguindust under England, London

Made it!

Horribly, horribly jet lagged. We have to wait five hours and twenty minutes before we can go to sleep. We each got about three hours last night, and our bodies are still on East Coast time, so when the plane landed in Heathrow at “Ten AM” it was really five AM for us.

Plane rides went OK, though, except for this idiot child who sat behind us on the way to Newark and kept gravely insisting to his poor stepfather that his biological father was sure the Mets would make the series. “Or maybe the Angels and the Dodgers. Or the Cardinals and the Dodgers…” This went on quite awhile, and he named several teams that I don’t think can even PLAY each other in the series. Anyway.

Flew out of Newark to lovely fireworks over the Hudson (thanks for the tip, Tim!). First time either of us had ever seen fireworks from above. Seemed like a pretty good send-off.

Incidentally, the Newark airport is awesome, containing every resturant known to man, and about five CNBCNews giftshops – every airport must have at least two to be legally considered an airport, it seems.

Heading to Edinburgh tomorrow!

I made a new tag called “Unschooling Europe” so anyone can follow their adventures from the start. Just type that into the Snook search box and it will appear like a mini-blog, most recent post on top. To catch you up so far:

Next Chapter in Which Favorite Daughter Receives Her Own First Passport

Advice About Kids Handling Cash While in Europe

Favorite Daughter Blogs Again, Almost in French

Favorite Daughter Wasn’t Kidding



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5 07 2009

Just saw this update:

“Update as of 6:07 London time:
stepped out of the hostel to try and get some spring in our step, and walked around London for more than two and a half hours. We got to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, and even Big Ben and Parliament! Seeing Big Ben through the trees from Trafalgar was really magical – there it was, boom, between some buildings with no warning.

100 + pictures from London and various airports now grace the photo site.”

6 07 2009

How great for them! I love London. And great for you that their keeping you so well-updated.

As for Brussels, it’s Brussels in English, Brussel in Flemish, and Bruxelles in French. The German contingent of Belgium probably has a slightly different spelling, although I don’t know what! It can be confusing at first, as road signs change midway through the country.

6 07 2009

Are you going to share the URL of the photo site with those of us that would like to see what they are missing?

6 07 2009

Is that okay to do, prudent I mean? We have zero experience with all this technology. 🙂

Well, they’re both over 18 and you guys aren’t creepy —
And hey, look, new photos just came in one hour ago!

6 07 2009

Thanks for sharing the link! I love how they’re organizing the site and will enjoy seeing some of Europe I’ve missed through their eyes.

Funny, enough, in about six weeks we’re heading to Scotland for our annual getaway. We go every year at that time to visit friends and tour just slightly out of high season. If money were no object, THAT is where we would live. Or maybe Paris. Hell, if money’s no object, we’ll live in Fort Augustus (Scotland) and keep a holiday apartment in Paris!

I understand about the security concerns. There’s a reason we’ve chosen code names for our blog! Our names, location, and particular circumstances are a little too unique to trust the goodness of people out there.

Can’t wait to hear about the girls’ experiences!

7 07 2009

Beta, with fond friends in Scotland to visit each year, maybe you’d enjoy these unschooling posts about Young Son falling in love with everything Scottish and then making that the basis of his learning? As you try on different education methods for your own learning adventures, it might help to see unschooling power of story play out in real life for real kids, behind the schoolish curriculum standards, accountability measures, university applications and cumulative records etc . . . .

Unschooling the Bagpipes More Than Mere Music Lessons

School Failure Across the Pond:

If we thought of kids as bagpipes rather than future consumers and/or certificated workers, would we better appreciate their eccentricities, and our own lack of ability to play them at will?

Young Son’s Kilts Arrived Today

Salute When You Call My Son a Cross-Dresser!

Young Son’s Pipe Band Kilt As Promised

His Pipes, His Pipes Were Calling

Saint Patrick's Day Fun as Unsaintly Unschoolers

Education Was All They Wanted to Talk About

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