Can Science Find a Vaccine Against Palin-esque Obama Hate?

6 07 2009

Ashamed to say this is my own state —
Jacksonville Florida, at an event sponsored and heavily hyped by the local Republican Party.

hitler-obama tea party 2 in 1

July 4 “tea party” protests were a lot smaller this time around, so logically there must have been less net hatred and ignorance being spewed than in the April events.

I guess.

But American education obviously still has its work cut out and then some, especially if Sarah Palin is now heading for the Lower 48 as some sort of um, leading light. . .

Then They Took British Rail to SCOTLAND

6 07 2009

en route

Latest update from Favorite Daughter:

More London pictures uploading now, Scotland pictures will hopefully be soon. Edinburgh hostel’s computer: not so fast.

Everything else about it is awesome, though. It’s made out of stone, and is close to everything, including a kiltmaker’s right down the street.

Went to the Scotland Writers’ Museum today! Mostly consists of Burns, Stevenson, and Scott, which is as it should be.
Scotland writers museum in Lady Stair's house
We also wandered around ’sploring, and the long and short of it is: everything in Edinburgh is really cool. Literally and figuratively. I keep meaning to mention this to make you jealous: it was 66 degrees while we were in London and it’s way cooler here. Ha!

But Edinburgh is also simply extremely old and aesthetically pleasing. It looks the way Europe should look.

Going on a free walking tour tomorrow!