Then They Took British Rail to SCOTLAND

6 07 2009

en route

Latest update from Favorite Daughter:

More London pictures uploading now, Scotland pictures will hopefully be soon. Edinburgh hostel’s computer: not so fast.

Everything else about it is awesome, though. It’s made out of stone, and is close to everything, including a kiltmaker’s right down the street.

Went to the Scotland Writers’ Museum today! Mostly consists of Burns, Stevenson, and Scott, which is as it should be.
Scotland writers museum in Lady Stair's house
We also wandered around ’sploring, and the long and short of it is: everything in Edinburgh is really cool. Literally and figuratively. I keep meaning to mention this to make you jealous: it was 66 degrees while we were in London and it’s way cooler here. Ha!

But Edinburgh is also simply extremely old and aesthetically pleasing. It looks the way Europe should look.

Going on a free walking tour tomorrow!




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6 07 2009
Mrs. C

WOW, this trip is moving fast!

6 07 2009

I know, right? 🙂
I’d be dead already!

So not the way I would’ve planned it but they are young and physically bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Generally I think what they’re doing is based around several days back in London as the end of the trip, before they fly home the first week of August. So they’ll go back to the same hostel in London that they stayed in briefly last night, when everything else is done so they can sort of relax into close-by, all-English-speaking sites like Shakespeare’s home at Stratford-on-Avon or Winston Churchill’s ancestral Blenheim Palace. . .

And that way if anything happens to delay them getting back to London, I guess they’ll have wiggle room without missing the trip home? Or maybe they just thought England would be more enjoyable without the pending excitement of wanting to get on with it, into the completely foreign continent? . . .

6 07 2009
Mrs. C

Well… I guess maybe it’s less worrying with the old play-by-play, but it’s still very … suspenseful! :]

Any known relatives to visit?

6 07 2009

Yes, her friend’s family is all over Belgium I think. And so she speaks fluent French.

But still. . .you’re right that the play-by-play helps, AND also that it’s very suspenseful!

7 07 2009

JJ, Love this. I know how thrilled you must be for her. And I’m loving the play by play, both as a fellow mother of an 18 year old, oh wait, Em just turned 19, but still..and as a wanna be traveler to Europe.

How great that she’s willing and able to share her journey with you.

Wish you were there?

7 07 2009

Mer’s 19 too, Betty. 🙂
Her friend is still 18. They are both well into their university-level studies though (one schooled, one not) and so good together that we can see now it doesn’t matter HOW we help them get there, as long as they grow into the beautiful, brilliant, strong young women they’re meant to be!

7 07 2009

Here’s what Favorite Daughter wrote about themselves at their travel blog:

“About Us

All things being equal, it’s a little strange that we’re friends. We both go to FSU, but we never would have met there – we may technically be in the same college (Arts and Sciences), but we’re in such different programs, we might as well be in different universes. Kiki is a bio-chem major over in the science-y buildings surrounding the medical school, and I’m waaaay, waaaay over on the other side of campus being an English major.

We were both dual enrolled at TCC for a few semesters, but I took my classes on campus and she took them at her high school, so we wouldn’t have met there either.

But meet we did, and discovered that we had far more in common than not. We both have questioning minds, are voracious readers, and, despite having wide, wide knowledge bases, never stop questioning the world around us. We have a rare friendship: we’re alike enough to almost always identify with each other’s perceptions and experiences, and we’re different enough to challenge and teach each other.”

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