Favorite Daughter Wraps Another Day In EDINBURGH

7 07 2009

en route

Edinburgh July 7, 2009
Posted by penguindust

Wow! Whirlwind of a day here in Edinburgh! And, for our Florida/California readers (i.e. all of you) let me begin by saying it is still in the low sixties here. Ha! Lucky that no one prevented me from packing my jacket! 😉

[That crack was for me, her silly know-it-all mom] 😀

So much happening – we started off the day in an internet cafe, where Kiki updated on a computer that was still embarrassingly slow. Then we meandered over to a free walking tour we’ve had our eye on since yesterday, which promised period-costumed tour guides. Our tour guide was an absolutely adorable young woman named Lindsay, who lost no time informing us that:

a) it was her first time running a tour, and

b) she, personally, hails from Canada.

We were a little apprehensive at first, but Lindsay proved to be well worth what we paid for her services – actually, she would have been worth a couple of pounds, truth be told, as long as she kept her handy-dandy historical date notepad in front of her at all times.

Although once or twice it seemed a little like she was, well, making things up.

“You know, they call this the Athens of the North.”

Do they? I don’t think they do. Can I get a McIlroy verification here of a phrase I think charming young Lindsay coined herself?

But I don’t mean to run Lindsay down; she did a great job, although she seemed a little embarrassed that every story she told us ended in a hanging or a burning of some sort.

The gentleman who truly won the day, however, was Andrew, who is a kilt-clad tour guide at the Edinburgh Castle and whose soft brogue, polished professionalism, hatred of large groups of schoolchildren, and brisk plod up the ridiculous inclines made us want to fold him up, put him in our pockets, and take him home.


The Edinburgh castle is breathtaking, by the way. Neither of us can really articulate what it feels like to stand on the top of the thing and look out over all of Scotland. Once again, there will be pictures soon, but being there? Inexpressible.

Also, our interactions with Lindsay helped us come up with a fail safe “Trifecta Formula”: something’s awsomeness + knowing what it is + photographic documentation.

Tomorrow: Surgeon’s Museum, Palace of Holyrood House, and National Scottish Museum.


Robotic Orders From Above?

7 07 2009

Rush Limbaugh’s substitute this afternoon said something strange in my minivan today on our way to Shakespeare Summer Camp. He was railing (as usual) about liberals who are ruining the country and then he called them those people “following robotic orders from above” —

Wait, what? Isn’t that the OTHER guys??


O Hai, Ceiling Cat Has Bibul Laffs for U

Favorite Daughter and Friend Go the ROYAL MILE

7 07 2009

en route

Kiki’s Edinburgh Post – 7 July 2009 10:11

I was going to greet you all with a great big “Top ‘o the Mornin’” but Mer just informed me that this is indeed not Scottish but Irish, so, that will be omitted.

Good Morning from beautiful Edinburgh! Mer and I had a wonderful night’s sleep in our brilliant hostel. There are numerous reasons why this night’s sleep was better than our first night:

1. Our internal clocks have adjusted to the time here and we did not wake up at 3 AM and feel like we needed to get up.

2. We did not have one of our roommates imitating a chain saw while snoring all night,and

3. We actually didn’t get to sleep until after dark. (around 22.30)

It’s a bit weird how late it gets dark here. We were literally sitting in our hostel and talking while it was still light outside and I glanced at my watch and it was almost 20.00!!

I awoke this morning for the first time around 4.00, and it was absolutely pouring outside. A bit sad, I rolled over and went back to sleep and when I woke again at 8.30 it was not raining; the rain had faded into that beautiful Scottish damp colour which would be disgusting, to say the least, anywhere else, but here, it fits so perfectly that you feel like you are walking into a cliche.

Mer and I then went down to the common area of our hostel where the kitchen is located because we were informed when we checked in that there was free coffee (if you can call it that), tea, and hot chocolate every morning in the kitchen. Being the brave coffee-addict that I am, I opted to try the coffee while Mer made the safe choice of hot chocolate. The fact that it was instant coffee should have been a sign…but unfortunately Read the rest of this entry »