Michael, Madonna, Manny — and MamaBear?

10 07 2009

Some substitute cable host I don’t know (Suzy Welch) just said on Morning Joe that Sarah Palin is a true original who fascinates us Americans as do originals Michael Jackson, Madonna and Manny Ramirez.

Suzy Welch wrote a book right up my power of story alley:

“She explains how thinking about the impact of our decisions in multiple time frames invariably surfaces our unconscious agendas, fears, needs and desires — and ultimately helps us identify and live according to our deepest goals and values.”

So let’s examine her analogy of Michael, Madonna, Manny and MamaBear for deeper goals and values, shall we?



And let’s mash it up with the language of Michael’s iconic Billie Jean lyrics, for any extra insight about “agendas, fears, needs and desires” that may provide. . .
Here’s a starting point: Is Sarah Palin’s popularity explained as just MamaBear being MamaBear?

Are Manny and MamaBear analogous?
“And be careful of what you do
cause the lie becomes the truth. . .”

Lovable to most, frustrating to some, Manny Ramirez was an enigmatic superstar in his years with the Red Sox. “Manny being Manny” became a popular catchphrase in these parts. We look back at some of Manny’s bizarre episodes . . .today he received a 50-game suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Lynn, can you photoshop a picture of this quartet and share? 😉

Throw in Paris and Britney too, if it makes a better original.

paris hilton fashion cover

britney spears in airport disguise

Although wait a minute — Michael, Madonna and Manny all do have original, universally recognized ACTUAL accomplishments in their field, corporate entertainment. Palin’s field is public policy governance, so the actual accomplishments supporting her membership in their midst are –? Logic Fail!
What’s wrong with this picture?

“The law was on her side
But who can stand when she’s in demand
Her schemes and plans
. . .So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice
(do think twice)”

Is this analogy sponsor-worthy as reality show? MSNBC’s three other Ms got rich and famous by rising to the top of their games (not instantly but over a whole hard-working career) in celebrity entertainment, where money measures success (not from constitutional law where intellectual prowess counts more) and where one’s titles and treatment reflect royalty memes more than public service sensibility.

“She was more like a beauty queen
from a movie scene. . .”

That fits MamaBear’s unreal reality. But wouldn’t that suggest that SHE “was the one” last summer — not the Harvard Law Review’s heavyweight contender Barack Obama — in celebrity sisterhood with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears?

“. . .as she caused a scene,
then every head turned
with eyes that dreamed of being the one. . .”

Too true too. Like Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin fits celebrity scandal sheet coverage: from her first moments on stage, the crowds and critics were singing Michael’s song — they literally said the child was not her son . . .
Hypothesis: maybe this was because her raw animal sex appeal isn’t subordinate to actual talent like Michael’s or Madonna’s, and any talent she does have under all that sex appeal clearly isn’t analogous to say, Madeleine Albright’s acumen on the world stage.

Did you see even uber-liberal (celebrity like her, not law review scholar) Alec Baldwin drool over MamaBear’s um, talent, on SNL? Yes, folks, she’s way hotter in person!

MamaBear comes at her own career from the family values and parenting angle, so let’s see how that fits in this company of Ms. MJ and Sarah Barracuda and Britney all have raised some public concerns by their own “original” approach to nurturing kids, Madonna too if we count her controversial international adoptions.

It seems only Manny as a reportedly good dad (although married to a fashion model-looking stay at home mom) would be left out of this picture . . . Paris isn’t an ACTUAL parent but she has puppies she loves like children — that’s pretty original at the same time it conforms with what we expect of celebrities like Paris (and Britney and Palin) —

Palin’s children have VERY progressive sounding names, did you catch them in the story above, why, only Hollywood celebrities (like Britney?) give their sons names like Track and Trig or name their girls Piper, Bristol and Willow. . . Speaking of which, we can only imagine what any celebrity named Paris would name children she might mother someday . . .

Hilton thinks she’s highly qualified for motherhood, explaining: “I look after animals, so I’d have a lot to give my kids.”

So will little Lucky, Princess, Maggie, Buddy and Bear someday propel their blonde heiress mama into Republican politics? She got that guest spot spot in the ads without even trying . . .




3 responses

10 07 2009
Crimson Wife

Suzy Welch is the floozy who had to resign from Harvard Business Review when it was revealed that she was sleeping with her interviewee, Jack Welch of GE. He subsequently divorced his 2nd wife and married Suzy.

What I always found a bit odd about the situation is that Jane is quite a bit better looking than Suzy. It’s just like Shania Twain’s divorce, leaving the observer scratching his/her head and wondering: “He’s leaving his beautiful wife for *HER*??????”

10 07 2009

Ah, more power of story, thanks for the um, “fleshing out” CW!

10 07 2009

Ellen Goodman on MamaBear’s public and private creation fantasies as reality:

It wasn’t only “the politics of personal destruction’’ that pushed Palin over the edge. It was the politics of personal adulation.

What fans loved about Palin was her perceived authenticity. She was repeatedly described as “real.’’ I think it’s what Palin believed about herself. Even after her resignation, she described her role as governor, saying “This is who I am. This is what I am.’’ But, forgive that gosh-darned empathy, this is a woman who hit a moment when she doesn’t really know who she is. Or what she wants.

. . .Palin fell in love with her star turn. What we see [comparing her to Mark Sanford, another star in HER field] are two middle-age politicians discovering in the most painfully public way that they may not be the people they thought they were.

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