FavD’s Friend Finds Family Power of Story in Belgium

11 07 2009

en route

by kiki July 11, 2009 in Belgium

Didn’t get our customary 9 – 10 hours of sleep last night, so we are a bit knackered. Awoke at quarter to seven today to catch the train to Bruxelles from Mons. The journey was good and we arrived at around quarter to 9. We then proceeded to get lost for the first time of the day trying to find the Grande Place, but find it we did, and I assure you that it was quite a sight for sore eyes. But as seems to be the case for me, there was a large stage obstructing most of the southern part of the Grande Place, but it was nonetheless gorgeous.

bruxelles Grande Place

I then steered us in the direction of Manneken Pis. The adorable fountain of a boy ‘doing his business’. We took photos with said boy and then proceeded to try to find the Comic Strip Museum. This was where we had loads of problems, because the streets of Bruxelles are quite confusing and often change names in the most arbitrary locations. After about fifteen minutes of sear vain, we decided that all we needed was a little sustenance to give us the fuel to find this elusive museum.

We had a delicious lunch at a sidewalk cafe which was coincidentally magician themed. So, after having our fill, we tracked down this museum. There is not enough space to adequately convey the awesomeness of this museum.

[Oooh, TINTIN!!! Tintin was a world traveler too. Young Son is a huge fan, owns and loves and rereads endlessly all but the first two (Russia and the Congo) of 20-some TinTin comic strip books, oh, and the last unfinished posthumous one. It’s a sore spot with him to this day, that we never found those. I wish I’d thought of this sooner! Our power of story travelers could’ve sleuthed these up for his birthday, maybe . . .]

When we were thoroughly tired out, we hopped the train back to Mons and were greeted by the beautiful face of tante Arlette who had just come from chez le coiffeur.

On the way back from the train station, tante Arlette tok us on a journey through time. She took us through the viex quartier where she and all of the Deschamps family lived. It was quite an experience for me, seeing the damp solitary street where Mémé lived with her grandmother after the death of her twin. I saw the train station at St Ghislain where my great grandfather mounted the Belgian Resistance against the Germans during the second world war . I could scarcely believe what my eyes were seeing ; all of the places which for me always seemed so mythical were right in front of me, so full of history and emotion. Words cannot fully explain the feeling I encountered there, for that is the stuff of legends .

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12 07 2009

I liked reading all those names — brought back memories. 🙂

If the girls stay in the Brussel/Bruxelles vicinity, tell them not to bother with the Atomium. I’d seen its photo on the front of my Weekly Reader for the 1958 World’s Fair, and so I made a special point of seeing it. The outside was better than the inside, which wasn’t much of anything. Still, by this time perhaps something interesting is housed there.

I did enjoy the natural history museum, though, so if either of them favor that sort of thing, it would be an interesting visit.

Glad to see they’re having a good time.

12 07 2009

Hi old friend!
I’ll pass that guidance on to them if I get the chance (this is a pretty one-way connection though.)

12 07 2009
Mrs. C

They’re a bit “knackered?” LOL How European of ’em.

Hey, when you talk to the young ladies again, tell them not to get into the pool at the hotels !!! EEEEEeeeek!


12 07 2009

I’m calling BS on the immaculate conception 🙂

12 07 2009

Valerie, if you liked this one, check out the new update from FavD this afternoon. My favorite part is something I too experienced on my only continental adventure, and very educational:

“Also, they speak French very slowly to me, as though I am an idiot child, and they clap their hands when I understand words properly — and for that I will love them forever.”

12 07 2009

COD, possibly the pool could have been cleaned and be full of chlorine and therefore arguably immaculate (yet obviously not sterile, oh, you know what I mean!)

12 07 2009

Mrs. C, such a miracle/punishment wouldn’t happen to girls as cheerfully humanist as the ones I know, even if it DID happen to the one in the story for either reason. 😉

12 07 2009
Mrs. C

LOL, JJ, I’m thinking the girl’s mom has an immaculately weird brain to be buying this story. Though, you can get pregnant in a hot tub. Had a friend with a zillion kids who thought this was not possible somehow (you’d think she would know how this stuff… works).

They named the child who arrived nine months later NOAH.


12 07 2009

Not logical — heat kills sperm, yes? Hence boxers are recommended?

13 07 2009
Mrs. C

No. She thought people could not reproduce under water. (?)

13 07 2009

Lol, I thought you meant just from the water, not from the guy in it WITH you!

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