Another Belgian Day: Who’s On Strike Now?

13 07 2009


July 13
“Another Day in Belgium”
Posted by kiki under Fayt-le-franc

en route

After a long night filled with uncontrollable fits of laughter, Mer and I woke to another beautiful, Belgian day. After having our customary breakfast of bread, nutella/marmalade, and extremely strong coffee, we went to a world renowned Boat Elevator, and just as we arrived, a boat was making its way down the canal. We were able to watch it moor inside the elevator and then its subsequent journey hundred of feet into the air where it met up with its final destination: the neighbouring canal.

Thoroughly amazed we made our way to the Grande Place of Mons where we FINALLY ‘caressed the head of the monkey’ (and by caress the head of the monkey, I mean rub the head of the small monkey statue.) It is said that rubbing the head of the Singe de Mons will bring you good luck for the rest of the year.


We then joined tante Arlette and Richard in the café on the Grande Place where we wet our whistles and ate delicious Croques, each of us having a different variety.

On the way back to Fayt-le-Franc, we passed through a roundabout where the local farmers were striking. They had pulled all of their tractors into the roundabout and placed signs decrying the injustice of milk prices or something of the like, and by and large created quite a ruckus. But it felt so normal; you see, here, when you come to a stop in the middle of the road because of traffic, your first thought isn’t, “Oh dear, there must be an accident.” Indeed, your mind jumps more quickly to, “Well, who’s on strike now?”

It truly is a different mentality.

Having two of my cousins, Eric and Fredérick, over for dinner tonight, as well as their significant others and children. No doubt a delicious six hour meal is in store.




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13 07 2009

still, sounds like a wonderful place to spend a summer

13 07 2009

Hey, thanks for stopping by. What, you’d prefer Belgium to your own Adventures in the Craft Store?? — funny stuff. 😉

13 07 2009

Back to the tag we’ve been using for their travel posts — Unschooling Europe — I just noted a literally academic addendum by Favorite Daughter to their Belgium day report:

“Fall Schedule is SET!”
Posted by penguindust under The US

For my academic groupies, I am successfully registered for the fall term at school, no thanks to certain persons who work at FSU and claimed they would personally manually register me at the stroke of eight today. Ahem.

No, I did it all by myself! Except, of course, for the major major help I had from Kiki, who is an old hand at FSU registration. I got the schedule I wanted, and all is right with the world.”

When she transferred into FSU as a junior, back in the spring, she was assigned today’s date for fall registration, and explained she’d be out of the country for most of the summer, asked to register before she left but was denied.

The registrar’s office took all her info and promised they’d take care of it on this date for her. I was skeptical. Good thing . . .

13 07 2009
Crimson Wife

Mmm, Nutella. Love that stuff, if it wasn’t so fattening I’d eat it all the time instead of indulging every once in a while.

13 07 2009

My college fencing team suckered me into trying Marmite once — gag! Nutella would have to be better than that . . .

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